I was talking with a client this week about designing their new website and business cards. They did not want to put their home address on the site or their cards, but instead were considering a P.O. Box, until they found an office. I promptly told them that a P.O. Box looks more suspect than not putting an address at all.

I then told them of the virtues of a Toronto Virtual Office packages that would allow them to not only have a prestigious business address, but also a Toronto telephone number with a live professional receptionist answering his calls.  I told him the best part of signing up for a Virtual Office with Telsec, is when he decides he needs an office, he can upgrade to being an Toronto office space client without the hassle of changing his address or telephone number.

A Toronto Virtual Office is a great way for a new company or a company that is just entering the Toronto market. Your company can grow without changing your address. Once your company is established and want to rent office space in Toronto, you can simply upgrade to a Toronto shared office or a private office space. As your company grows, you can expand to a larger team space or multiple offices. When you feel that you have outgrown the available office space facilities, you can find other space and remain a virtual office client, even keep your primary address as 1 Yonge Street and telephone number. Even with a new location, as a virtual office client you  can still have your calls answered by Telsec’s professional receptionist who will externally route the calls directly to the right individual in your company.

Many companies just like yours have experienced the downturn in the economy and have chosen to downsize their offices and move their operations to Telsec Office Business Centres. If you are a company with outside sales people and employees who can telecommute from home, an office business center is right for you and right for your office budget.