Your-BlogSmall business owners cannot afford to miss out on the marketing value of a blog. But many can also not afford to hire a staff member to look after it or to have a an existing staff member take on other responsibilities that they are not trained to deal with. So we compiled the top seven reasons for hiring a freelance blogger to take on this role.

1 Get more traffic that translates to sales.

A blogging pro knows exactly how to massage your ideas into a tight, well-written piece that is informative and engaging to your audience. An effective post helps your company’s target market without using an annoying and often impersonal hard sell. Well researched and delivered content is what convinces visitors to become readers, readers to become customers, and customers to remain loyal to your business.

2 Improve your SEO and gain visibility.

Search Engine Optimization raises your search-engine ranking, which leads more potential customers to find your content. An informative article isn’t worth much if your target audience can’t find it. Furthermore, search engines frequently change their algorithms, and unless you are an SEO expert, it can be hard to keep up. Why learn and re-learn search engine optimization techniques when you can save yourself the headache and bring in a professional? This point is especially essential if your site is not yet ranking well with Google and other search engines.

3 Earn more money by saving time.

An expert blogger can produce a polished article within a fraction of the time it takes someone who is not familiar with what makes a good blog article. By investing your money in a professional blogger’s services, you give yourself more time to focus on your strengths. In the long run, this earns your business more money. This is similar to having office space at a business centre and allowing their staffers to take care of all your office needs – thus giving you more time to concentrate on your core business activities.

4 No need to be tech-savvy.

Instead of wasting your time learning how to use HTML, embed a photo or use a blogging platform, hire a blogging professional who is experienced with the platform of your blog. Professional bloggers will know about the various plug-ins and add-on technology that will both benefit your site and affect how your audience receives updates. Many bloggers will schedule each post for you – so you can use your time to grow your business without having to worry about your posts.

5 Professional bloggers are more affordable than you think.

Many freelance writers have incredibly reasonable rates. Moreover, the return for your investment can be sky high. Well-written articles that entice your target market will continue to draw new readers for months, and even years, to come. Bonus: In future, these articles can be reworked and added to, to become more timely and remain relevant.

6 They’re the experts at their craft.

Just as you know more about your industry than an outsider would, writers are familiar with the ins and outs of content marketing, creating captivating headlines and proofreading. You wouldn’t allow a non-expert to run your business, so would you allow a non-expert to create your website’s copy.

7 One final word: results.

Professional writers are masters at achieving clicks that translate into customers. Alluring copy and engaging headlines ensure an increase in sales that could never be achieved with a solid product or service (without content marketing) alone. While it is possible for a small business owner to create his or her own blog posts or website copy, outsourcing this work to a professional leads to more engaged readers, who are more likely to become clients.