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Meeting Room and Boardroom Rentals

Renting an office boardroom gives business owners the opportunity to cut down on unnecessary expenses while still being able to access boardrooms or meeting rooms whenever they need them. Telsec’s meeting room and boardroom rentals give you a professional space to host a productive meeting with your team. With various options at your disposal, you can select a room that best suits your business’ objectives. Boardrooms for rent are available to our virtual office clients and any outside clients looking for a Toronto meeting room rental.

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What is the difference between a boardroom and conference room?

One of the main differences between office boardrooms and conference rooms is in their intended use. Office boardrooms are spaces where groups of professionals, known as a board of directors, gather to conduct business meetings and make decisions about the future direction of a company.
By contrast, conference rooms are used for large or formal events where certain topics or business matters are discussed. These meetings usually focus on educational content, training, or presentations. Conferences tend to be unique events while board meetings typically occur at regular intervals.

Why Choose a Meeting Room Rental or a Boardroom Rental?

When companies want to bring their staff together, it’s essential the work environment is a quiet and private space that is stocked with the appropriate equipment to ensure a productive workspace. Moreover, meeting with clients or business investors in a professional environment is a great way to enhance your business’s image. Renting a boardroom allows you to build and retain a professional image while minimizing your operational costs.

Why Rent a Meeting Room or Office Boardroom with Telsec?

When it’s time to plan a meeting, you want to find the perfect boardroom for rent. Telsec’s office boardrooms and meeting rooms offer significant advantages to small business owners looking for a boardroom rental in Toronto, such as:

An office boardroom is more than just a room with tables and chairs. It should be a professional area, and it is essential that it comes fully equipped with all the tools you need to run your meeting successfully.

Professional Business Setting

If your business is located in or near downtown Toronto and you want to meet with clients in a more upscale setting, a Toronto meeting room rental is the obvious choice. Telsec offers boardroom rentals in Toronto’s financial district. Our location provides a sophisticated atmosphere that works to engage and inspire you and your attendees so you can be confident that you are elevating your boardroom meeting experience.

Toronto Meeting Room Rentals Available When Needed

Your business needs can change on a daily basis. So being able to find boardrooms for rent on a short notice is incredibly important. Telsec provides customers with a lot of flexibility in terms of boardroom rental sizes and length of use. Our office boardrooms can be rented for half a day, a full day, or longer, making them an affordable solution for businesses looking for boardroom rentals in Toronto. With easy access to a boardroom rental, you can focus on the growth and success of your business while Telsec manages all of your office and meeting room needs.

Affordable Boardroom Rental Costs

The extra cost of leasing a permanent space is needless to companies that don’t require an office to complete their daily tasks. However, in certain situations, a boardroom or professional meeting space might be necessary.

Having the flexibility to rent a boardroom for a small fee is an important cost-saver for business owners who do not own a boardroom.

Fully Equipped Office Boardrooms

One of the benefits of renting an office boardroom or meeting room with Telsec is that it comes fully equipped with the smart technology needed to deliver a professional presentation or host a successful meeting. Our smart boardroom rentals include monitors, projectors, audio-video conferencing systems, laptop connections, wireless internet access, and more. These features allow you to conduct your business meetings in the most effective manner possible.

What is a smart boardroom?

A smart boardroom is an intelligent space powered by the latest industry technology, productive and interactive meeting experience for both remote and in-person participants.
With the recent pandemic radically changing the way businesses and their employees come together for meetings, smart boardrooms are in higher demand as they are ideally suited for businesses with remote teams or clientele. Things like smart video conference technology and collaborative tools such as interactive whiteboards make it easier to collaborate with remote workers. integrating hardware and software directly into an office boardroom to create a highly

Membership StatusHalf Day Meeting Room Rental
Seats 1 to 8 People
Full Day Meeting Room Rental
Seats 1 to 8 People
Non-Member$200 (up to 4 hours)$300 (up to 8 hours – $60 each additional hour)
Telsec Member$150 (up to 4 hours)$250 (up to 8 hours – $50 each additional hour)
Office Space ClientsFree of ChargeFree of Charge

Conference Space, meeting space, training room and event space for 8 to 50 people. Rates quoted below apply to non-members, members and office clients:

Number of AttendeesHalf Day Meeting Room RentalFull Day Meeting Room Rental
8 to 12 people$400 (up to 4 hours)$500/day (up to 8 hours – $100/hour each additional hour)
12 to 20 people$600 (up to 4 hours)$750/day (up to 8 hours – $125/hour each additional hour)
20 to 30 people$800 (up to 4 hours)$1,000/day (up to 8 hours – $150/hour each additional hour)

Theatre Style and/or Event Space Lounge Style:

Number of AttendeesHalf Day Meeting Room RentalFull Day Meeting Room Rental
Up to 50 people$800.00 (up to 4 hours)$1,000.00/day (up to 8 hours – $150/hour each additional hour)
  • Ultra-high-speed – 1 GIG pipe = 1,000 x 1000 fiber-optic network, which will deliver internet connection speeds faster than most North American services
  • LCD Projector
  • Conference Speaker Telephones
  • Phone Lines, Modem Lines
  • White Board
  • Flipcharts
  • Projection Screen
  • Computer Laptop Rentals
  • Software Support
  • Breakout Rooms
  • Catering Service available based on your requirements
  • Coffee, tea, filtered water, and soft drinks are available
  • 85″ 4K Smart Television or 75″ High Definition (HD) Smart TV or 65″ Plasma Flat screen for presentations purposes
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