Telsec Coworking Space FAQ

How Telsec is Maintaining a Safe and Healthy Workspace

What is Telsec Coworking Space?
Telsec Coworking Space is a professional corporate serviced office centre providing short-term or long-term business solutions which include, furnished offices and meeting room rentals, technology/office equipment and secretarial services. These office rentals come in different sizes and can be used for various purposes, such as corporate events, meetings, or daily office workspace.

When businesses use our rental spaces they no longer need to worry about having oversized offices and paying extra staff for administrative duties. Businesses also benefit by eliminating long-term rental contracts and have a flexible space that they can use whenever they need. At the same time, the businesses get a prestigious business address in Downtown Toronto and an enhanced corporate image.

What’s included in my monthly rental?
With our fully serviced office rentals and meeting room spaces all furniture, equipment and technologies are included in your monthly rent, with the exception of a few services.

Be sure to see our list of services that are included in the monthly office rent, as well as additional services that are available on-demand at a-la-carte pricing. After all, who needs to lease a photocopier when they only need to pay for the copies they make?

Do you have any other locations in Toronto?
18 King Street East, 14th floor is our only location in Toronto.

Is it legal to share a business registered address in Canada?
Yes. It is legal to share a business registered address in Canada. So, you can register your business with the business centre address.

How long does it take to acquire a BR (Business Registration)?
At least 10 working days. For Ontario businesses visit or visit Canada Revenue Agency for federal businesses.

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Virtual Offices

What is a virtual meeting room?
A virtual meeting room is a video call that can be accessed via a web browser or software application. The host will create a meeting and invite attendees by sending them a link that will lead them to a virtual space. With most invites, you have the option of creating an instant meeting or scheduling a time.

Instead of needing to meet in a physical location, virtual meeting rooms allow people from all over the world to gather together without needing to leave their homes – all you need is WIFI.

Are Virtual Offices Worth it?
You’ll never have to ask yourself if there is a virtual business address near me again, as all your business needs can be met online through Telsec. Access virtual meeting rooms, mailing resources, and personalized telephone answering services that provide professionalism beyond other virtual address Toronto-based companies.

No matter where you go- whether across Canada or the globe- your clients will be able to reach you through Telsec. You can gain the advantage of executive assistance at affordable rates, making your monthly investment in Telsec worth more than you bargained for.

Is it Legal to Use Virtual Offices?
For businesses across Canada, virtual office address services are legal to rent. Many self-employed individuals, independent contractors, and small and medium businesses use a virtual business address to gain corporate-level professionalism and services at an affordable rate. Our virtual office Toronto location is perfect for such clients who are looking to take advantage of an array of administrative services to improve efficiency and make a polished impression on clients.

Offices and Meeting Rooms

What is included in serviced offices?
Our serviced offices are comprised of different types of office spaces and meeting rooms. Amenities include break-out rooms, private shower facilities, kitchen/cafe areas and bathrooms.

Each space comes fully furnished and includes all the technology and office equipment you’ll need to run your business, such as T.Vs, projectors, flip boards, printers, scanners, high-speed internet, and more. Additionally, we also offer special virtual office services.

What are the types of office space
At Telsec’s serviced offices you will find a variety of office spaces and meeting rooms.

Offices spaces include:

  • Private Office Space
  • Flexible & Daily Offices
  • Executive Office Suites
  • Coworking Office Space
  • Team Space
  • Temporary Office Space
  • Commercial Office Space

Meeting rooms include:

  • Boardroom & Meeting Rooms
  • Seminar & Training Rooms
  • Conference Rooms

Can I rent an office for a month?
Yes. With Telsec you are able to rent office space month to month. If you are in need of temporary office space because your current office if being renovated, you travel frequently for work – or for a variety of other reasons – Telsec has a solution for you. We make it easy to choose an office space that suits your schedule, without having to commit to a long-term lease.

Can I rent an office for a day?
Yes. Our daily office rentals provide you with the flexibility of having access to office space only on the days you need it most – for example, meeting with clients or gathering the team together. This is a great option for people who work from home or who travel for work and only need office space on occasion.

How do I find office space?
To find an office space you first need to know what you will be using the office for, how many people you are looking to accommodate and how often you are planning on using it. This way you can properly assess what services or equipment you might need. Telsec has a wide range of offices to suit various business needs.

If you need any of the following services, please join our coworking space or contact us to book a tour :

  • You need a comprehensive range of business services but at minimal capital costs
  • You need a fully equipped private office but with minimal term commitment and a security deposit
  • You do not need an office but you need a business address
  • You need someone to answer your calls either because you do not want your customers to reach you while you are out attracting new business and /or you want a professional receptionist to answer your calls but you do not want the high expense of a full-time employee
  • You are looking for a 50 – 200 sq. ft. office and/or numerous offices but you cannot find any in Canada
  • You are looking for team space to accommodate up to 50 people
  • You are not comfortable with signing a long-term office lease
  • You want a dynamic business environment.

What is the purpose of a meeting room?
The purpose of meeting in a meeting room is for professionals to gather together to have a conversation or present new information (such as product launches or updates). They are more suited for collaborating with clients or colleagues rather than a regular office space because their unique layout is designed for fostering communication.

Meeting rooms are useful when you need to have a lengthy discussion with a group of people, so they can all be on the same page with a given topic.

Where can I hold a meeting room for free?
Telsec’s office space clients have access to half-day and full-day meeting rooms (fit for 1-8 people) free of charge. These rooms include meeting rooms, board rooms and conference spaces.

How much does it cost to rent a meeting room?
Prices for meeting rooms and all other rental units are listed on the pricing page.

What are smart meeting rooms?
A smart meeting room is a physical meeting room that contains video conferencing tools, therefore making a seamless integration between people who work from the office and people who work remotely.

Smart meeting rooms allow you to see higher productivity due to the ease of communication.

Can I use a meeting room for training purposes?
Yes, our meeting rooms are equipped with the tools necessary to train and educate employees, clients, and networking groups. With high-speed networks, projectors, conference speaker telephones, TVs and DVDs, whiteboards, and flipcharts, you can access a wide range of training materials that fit your needs.

You can also choose to use our seminar rooms, specifically our theatre-style and classroom-style layouts, which can hold between 9 and 50 people. Book an office training room for a half-day or full-day for your training sessions today.

Coworking Space

How does coworking space work?
Small businesses or freelancers who typically work remotely, but want to break free from isolation, should consider a coworking space. These spaces give you the opportunity to meet other like-minded individuals in a professional setting.

With Telsec, there are different package deals when it comes to coworking space.

You could choose to purchase a seat for yourself in a coworking space. With this option, you will be able to access a communal coworking space, mailing address and a hotdesk. As well as internet and additional services that are available on a pay-as-you-go basis.

You could also choose to purchase your own exclusive co-working space which will include a dedicated locker and storage unit, mail address, internet service and meeting Rooms.

What is included in a coworking space?
Our coworking spaces come furnished and include the following features:

  • Meeting Rooms, Boardrooms, and Training Rooms
  • A professional business address in the heart of Toronto’s financial district
  • Beautifully and professionally renovated hybrid office facility, energy-efficient HVAC and lighting systems
    Access to 650+ locations across the globe
  • Ultra-high-speed – 1 GIG pipe = 1,000 x 1000 fibre-optic network, which will deliver internet connection speeds faster than most North American services
  • Complete professional telephone answering services personalized for your company
  • Support staff providing free and fee-based administrative and business services
  • Free and fee-based use of business machines and equipment, such as colour, black and white photocopier, network printer, scanner, high volume/security shredder, and mass mailing machine
  • Modern office styles and furniture
  • Private shower facilities
  • 85″ 4K Smart Television or 75″ High Definition (HD) Smart TV or 65″ Plasma Flat screen for presentations purposes
  • Café Lounge features a beautiful seating area with a view and lots of natural light. Coffee, tea, filtered water, and soft drinks are available.
  • Training room and event spaces are available on a short or long-term basis

Mail Services

What is a mail service?
Mail service is an inexpensive program that provides you with a prestigious business address and mail address service that does not look like a P.O. Box.

Telsec will receive your mail and redirect it to your home address or any address you choose.

How Long Does Mail Forwarding Last?
When it comes to our mail forwarding Canada and International services, you can enlist our help for as long as you need. In comparison to Canada Post, where you will have to sign up and pay for mail forwarding every 3, 6, or 12 months, Telsec will work with you on an ongoing basis to ensure all of your mail reaches your business.