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Doing Business in Canada is a short guide for American-based and foreign-based businesses looking to expand their markets into Canada. Doing Business In Canada: “The Short Guide” assumes that you are not looking for elaborate details about Canadian culture and its laws – but rather for basic advice to help you make the crucial business decisions that need to be made before you can expand to Canada. The guide explains how to register a business in Canada and set up a new business office, with easy-to-understand information provided. It could be characterized as “a layman’s version” of doing business in Canada.

The guide is especially ideal for U.S. companies doing business in Canada because it explains several business and cultural similarities and differences that might have an impact on your business. Canada has always been the United States’ biggest trading partner, so we assumed that this is where the most interest would come from.

The overview of the guide provides a short discussion on Canadian culture, including Quebec, which differs slightly because of its French influences. The guide also covers Canadian business culture as well as environment and market development for U.S. businesses wanting to conduct business in Canada (or carry on business with Canadian consumers and other firms).

When we were considering the type of information that should be included in the guide, we quickly realized that longer versions were not really useful to entrepreneurs who just wanted the “elevator pitch” for succeeding in the Canadian marketplace over larger International competitors – while also discovering the costs, advantages and opportunities of doing business in Canada.

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