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Seminar Room Rentals & Training Room Rentals

Whether you are looking to host a training event, deliver a seminar to your peers, or hold an organized meeting, Telsec offers a wide range of office training rooms and seminar rooms that you can choose from to find the one that best meets the needs of your business.

Seminars and training sessions are a great way to invest in the future of your business. The business world is rapidly changing, requiring that businesses adapt in order to thrive. For businesses to keep up with these changes, the people who work for them must continually learn and grow. One way that companies accomplish this is by hosting regular seminars and training sessions where employees can hone their skills, learn new ones, and acquire new knowledge and insights into how to stay productive and improve the quality of their work.

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What is the Purpose of an Office Training Room or Seminar Room?

A seminar room or office training room is a space where a group of people are educated or trained on a particular subject. Seminars and training programs are typically organized and hosted by the owner of a business or corporation to teach the attendees, usually the employees, about a new subject, technique, or practice. Speakers are generally either from within the organization hosting the event, or guest speakers with industry experience and knowledge who have been invited by the organization to present on a subject. Many companies send their employees to seminars so they can learn new skills or share their knowledge with other attendees.

Why Rent a Seminar Room or Office Training Room?

A seminar room rental or training room rental can offer a much-needed change of scenery for employees – as this change can inspire new ideas and spark creativity. Continually performing the same tasks in the same space day after day can stunt creativity and result in less motivation and productivity. However, renting an office training room or seminar room can provide employees with a different atmosphere and allow for new experiences that confer a sense of novelty and excitement.

Renting a seminar room or office training room is also an excellent opportunity for team building among employees as its larger size allows remote workers to interact with onsite employees. A larger space allows employees to mingle and get to know one another better, and this rapport can help make employees feel more valued and willing to collaborate with other team members.

Moreover, training room rentals or seminar room rentals are designed specifically with training exercises and seminars in mind. Office training rooms and seminar rooms typically come equipped with the technology needed to host a successful training event or seminar, including projectors, video-conferencing systems, whiteboards, and more. All the furnishings, lighting, and interior decor are also optimized for productivity and adhere to professional standards.

Why Rent a Seminar Room or Office Training Room with Telsec?

Telsec’s training room rentals and seminar room rentals offer businesses a professional atmosphere to conduct employee training and business related seminars. All of our office training rooms and seminar rooms offer an affordable solution for businesses looking to rent temporary meeting rooms and office spaces for their event.

Commercial spaces are expensive to rent, and the technology, furnishings, and equipment required to operate these commercial spaces result in additional costs. However, our office training rooms and seminar rooms come fully furnished and equipped with all of the advanced technology you will need, including LCD full-screen projectors, plasma flat screens, and video conferencing tools.

Easily Accessible Downtown Training Room Rentals & Seminar Room Rentals

In addition to offering affordable, fully furnished, and equipped office training rooms and seminar rooms, Telsec offers seminar room rentals and training room rentals in the heart of Toronto’s financial district, located on 18 King Street East. Our training room and seminar room rentals are centrally located and easily accessible by public transportation, just steps away from the King Street station and streetcars.

Depending on your needs, the cost to rent a seminar room or office training room will vary. Whether you’re looking to rent a room for half a day, a full day, or longer, either for a small gathering or a larger one will determine the price you pay.

Telsec provides its customers with a lot of flexibility in terms of size and length of use. You can rent smaller rooms to accommodate gatherings of 8-12 people or larger rooms that can fit up to 50 people. Moreover, you have the choice of renting the space for a full day or a half day, with the option of purchasing additional hours in the event that the meeting runs longer than anticipated. For instance, with Telsec you can find a half-day room for rent in Toronto for $400 or a full day room for rent in Toronto for $500 depending on the number of people you are looking to seat. Consult the table below for more information on pricing.

Rates quoted below apply to non-members, members and office clients:

Number of AttendeesHalf Day Meeting Room RentalFull Day Meeting Room Rental
8 to 12 people$400 (up to 4 hours)$500/day (up to 8 hours – $100/hour each additional hour)
12 to 20 people$600 (up to 4 hours)$750/day (up to 8 hours – $125/hour each additional hour)
20 to 30 people$800 (up to 4 hours)$1,000/day (up to 8 hours – $150/hour each additional hour)

Theatre Style and/or Event Space Lounge Style:

Number of AttendeesHalf Day Meeting Room RentalFull Day Meeting Room Rental
Up to 50 people$800.00 (up to 4 hours)$1,000.00/day (up to 8 hours – $150/hour each additional hour)
  • Ultra-high-speed – 1 GIG pipe = 1,000 x 1000 fiber-optic network, which will deliver internet connection speeds faster than most North American services
  • With option depending on room 85” 4K smart television, 75″ High Definition (HD) Smart TV and 65″ Plasma Flat screen for presentations purposes
  • LCD Projector
  • Conference Speaker Telephones
  • Phone Lines, Modem Lines
  • White Board
  • Flipcharts
  • Projection Screen
  • Computer Laptop Rentals
  • Software Support
  • Catering Service available based on your requirements
  • meeting rooms and boardrooms for breakout rooms or breakout sessions
  • Professional business address in the heart of Toronto’s financial district
  • Beautifully and professionally renovated hybrid office facility, energy-efficient HVAC and lighting systems
  • Access to 650+ locations across the globe
  • Complete professional telephone answering services personalized for your company
  • Support staff providing free and fee based administrative and business services
  • Free and fee-based use of business machines and equipment, such as colour, black and white photocopier, network printer, scanner, high volume/security shredder, and mass mailing machine
  • Modern office styles and furniture
  • Private shower facilities
  • Café Lounge featuring a beautiful seating area with a view and lots of natural light.  Coffee, tea, filtered water, and soft drinks are available.
  • Training room and event spaces are available on a short or long term basis
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