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Brand New Conference Facilities. Seconds from King/Yonge Street Subway & Path. Ideal for up to 60 people classroom style.

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Conference Space Rentals

Schedule the right space for your event with Telsec’s Conference space rentals, perfect for your next educational event, training session or presentation.

You may rent one or more rooms with a greeting area and providing badges for guests at our front reception desk. Café and lounge areas can be utilized for your morning and afternoon coffee breaks and we are able to serve hot meals for lunch. In addition, our Conference Room/Training Rooms, can accommodate up to 60 people very comfortably in u-shape or classroom style or other styles. We have an abundance of other rooms that can be utilized as breakout rooms for smaller breakout attendee groups. To review your requirements, please call Vanessa directly at 416-574-1112.

How much does a conference room cost?

Once again, depending on your needs, the cost to rent a conference room varies significantly. Depending on whether you’re looking to book a conference room for half a day, a full day, or longer, either for a small gathering or a large one will all factor into the price you pay for a conference room rental. For instance, if you are looking to book a one day conference room rental with Telsec, prices range anywhere from $250 to $1000, depending on the number of people you are looking to seat and whether or not you are a member. Telsec also offers half day conference room rentals for between $150 to $800.

Half Day Meeting Room Rental
Seats 1 to 8 People
Full Day Meeting Room Rental
Seats 1 to 8 People
Non-Member$200 (up to 4 hours)$300 (up to 8 hours – $60 each additional hour)
Telsec Member$150 (up to 4 hours)$250 (up to 8 hours – $50 each additional hour)
Office Space ClientsFree of ChargeFree of Charge

Conference Space, meeting space, training room and event space for 8 to 50 people. Rates quoted below apply to non-members, members and office clients:

Number of AttendeesHalf Day Meeting Room RentalFull Day Meeting Room Rental
8 to 12 people$400 (up to 4 hours)$500/day (up to 8 hours – $100/hour each additional hour)
12 to 20 people$600 (up to 4 hours)$750/day (up to 8 hours – $125/hour each additional hour)
20 to 30 people$800 (up to 4 hours)$1,000/day (up to 8 hours – $150/hour each additional hour)

Theatre Style and/or Event Space Lounge Style:

Number of AttendeesHalf Day Meeting Room RentalFull Day Meeting Room Rental
Up to 50 people$800.00 (up to 4 hours)$1,000.00/day (up to 8 hours – $150/hour each additional hour)
  • Meeting Rooms, Boardrooms, and Training Rooms 
  • Professional business address in the heart of Toronto’s financial district
  • Beautifully and professionally renovated hybrid office facility, energy-efficient HVAC and lighting systems
  • Access to 650+ locations across the globe
  • Ultra-high-speed – 1 GIG pipe = 1,000 x 1000 fiber-optic network, which will deliver internet connection speeds faster than most North American services
  • Digital Telephone answering personalized for your company
  • Support staff providing free and fee based administrative and business services
  • Free and fee-based use of business machines and equipment, such as colour, black and white photocopier, network printer, scanner, high volume/security shredder, and mass mailing machine
  • Modern office styles and furniture
  • 85″ 4K Smart Television or 75″ High Definition (HD) Smart TV or 65″ Plasma Flat screen for presentations purposes
  • Private Shower Facilities
  • Café Lounge featuring a beautiful seating area with a view and lots of natural light.  Coffee, tea, filtered water, and soft drinks are available.
  • Training room and event spaces are available on a short or long term basis
  • reception virtual offices Telsec - Telsec Business Centres

What is a Conference Venue?

A conference venue, conference room, or conference hall, is a room dedicated to events such as business conferences, conference calls, management discussions, board meetings, or other major decision making situations. Conference rooms are generally used for large or formal gatherings. For this reason, they are commonly located in business conference centers and hotels, although conference rooms can also be found in many other establishments. Because it is the place where official meetings, conferences, and calls are held, they are typically designed with more gravitas and class to reflect the more serious tone of the business dealings that are conducted within its walls. Conference rooms are constructed to complement more enterprise-oriented businesses and give off a more “suit and tie” appearance.

Conference rooms vary in size, but generally accommodate between 5 and 20 people, depending on the size of the company and the team. They are more elaborate than meeting rooms and will typically be the most advanced rooms in an office in terms of both audio-visual equipment and furniture. Conference rooms typically come fully furnished and include amenities such as overhead projectors, stage lighting, and sound systems. Some conference rooms may even come equipped with booking management software, depending on the needs of the company that owns or rents them. Because they come fully equipped with conferencing gear and advanced technology, conference rooms provide companies with the opportunity to meet or connect with their entire workforce and/or clients.

Are Conference and Meeting Rooms the Same?

The terms “conference room” and “meeting room” are often used interchangeably. While sharing similar functions, conference rooms and meeting rooms are not the same thing. One of the key differences between a conference room and a meeting room is that conference rooms tend to be larger to accommodate more attendees and are equipped in such a way that enables video conferencing or conference calls so that outside members can attend meetings. They are generally outfitted with the latest technology and equipment, including amenities such as tables, high-speed internet, conferencing technology, audio-visual components, presentation equipment such as projectors and large screens, computers, and more. Additionally, conference rooms are designed specifically with formal gatherings or large meetings in mind and are often set up in a similar style to lecture halls. As such, conference rooms typically feature more elaborate, sophisticated appearances than meeting rooms which, along with their larger size and higher seating capacity, make them ideal for lectures, presentations, seminars, workshops, training, education, or other large formal gatherings in which one person or a group of people address those in attendance.

By contrast, meeting rooms are not designed, nor do they come equipped with the necessary technology, to facilitate conference videos or calls. Rather they are designed more informally than conference rooms and typically do not come with all of the equipment that a conference room would because they are meant to be used by small teams of two to eight people for business discussions, brainstorming sessions, and the exchange of ideas or information among those in attendance. As such, meeting rooms tend to be smaller than conference rooms to facilitate these more collaborative tasks or informal conversations. They are also designed in a different way to reflect these different uses, with meeting rooms typically containing a single table in the center with chairs around it, and occasionally a projector or whiteboard to allow users to share information with people in the room.

What is the Meaning of Conference Center?

A conference center is a building or portion of a building that has a variety of conference rooms for rent along with related services to facilitate conferences. It is a space that is specialized to host conferences. A conference center typically comes fully equipped and furnished with the necessary equipment, facilities, and services to run a successful conference. It is similar to office business centers, in that it provides conference rooms to rent to businesses and professionals. A conference center is essentially an affordable solution for companies looking to rent a conference room in a quiet, distraction-free environment. Telsec is a great example of a kind of conference center that offers fully equipped conference rooms for businesses to host successful conferences.

What is a Good Size for a Conference Room?

A conference room rental can come in a variety of sizes, depending on its location and your needs. The simplest answer when it comes to determining a good size for your conference is that it depends. If you need to rent a conference room for a large gathering or event, you will need a bigger conference room to accommodate all of the attendees. Depending on the size of the event, a conference room could seat anywhere between a single person to hundreds of people (sometimes even thousands!). For instance, at Telsec, there are conference rooms to rent for smaller gatherings of between 1 to 8 people, or larger gatherings of up to 50 people. Choosing the right conference room rental for your event is crucial to both the productivity and successful outcome of your meeting–a conference room that is too crowded may lead to discomfort and impede the productivity and success of your meeting.

Choosing the Right Conference Room Rental

Poorly sized conference rooms or conference room rentals are not the only thing that can affect the outcome of your meeting. Conference rooms that are poorly situated can result in people having to either travel long distances or struggle to find the location of the conference, which can lead to a negative experience for attendees as well as create a poor impression of your business. So before booking a conference room, be sure to find a suitable location for your gathering. You can do this by typing “conference rooms for rent near me” into a search engine and exploring the different options to identify the best conference room rental to suit your needs. If you are looking to rent a conference room for an event in Toronto, Telsec has a variety of conference rooms to rent and is located in the heart of Toronoto’s financial and banking district, making it the ideal location for gatherings of business professionals.

Contact our friendly staff today at 416.363.9035 or toll free 1.877.705.0707 to learn more and book a conference room for your business. For more information, please visit our pricing page.