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Commercial office space rentals

Commercial office space is real estate that is zoned for commercial use. Companies can rent, lease or even purchase this office rental space to provide a workplace for themselves and conduct business. Traditional and alternative office space are two types of commercial office space options. This provides a stable address location for start-ups and other fast growing businesses or changing industries where the amount of space required may fluctuate monthly.

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Advantages of commercial office space rentals with Telsec

One example of alternative commercial office space is where businesses share offices in order to save on costs. This type of office space is usually leased from an individual landlord – though it can be owned by one business, and shared with another business. Sometimes, one business will take on the obligations and responsibilities of sharing or subletting a workspace to another business.

Alternative office space is widely available at many different price points and rental terms. Often, when a company is looking to share a commercial office space with three or more other companies, it will look for a coworking space or an executive suites location that rents Toronto commercial office space to a wide variety of companies. Typically, coworking space will provide the infrastructure such as furniture, telephone systems and internet service and most will have office equipment such as photocopiers that can be used and paid for on an á la carte basis.

Traditional office space is the type of office design seen in the movie Office Space. Alternative office space can include workspace in coworking spaces, shared offices and a hybrid of both types which features less “me space” and more “we space” – as well as space to meet the needs of mobile and telecommuting workers. Typically, both types of commercial office space are found throughout Toronto and the GTA

Traditional commercial office space can be found in stand-alone buildings, standard office buildings, skyscrapers, strip malls or even traditional malls like the Toronto Eaton Centre. Tenants of traditional office space commonly include professionals like dentists, real estate agents, medical doctors, charities, non-profit organizations, and accountants – as well as large and small companies and larger agencies specializing in marketing and entertainment. There are, of course, many other types of businesses that normally use Toronto commercial office space options.

Telsec offers a variety of commercial office space solutions tailored to your budget. You may choose from our shared offices, a private office or team space for up to 50 people.

  • Meeting Rooms, Boardrooms, and Training Rooms 
  • Professional business address in the heart of Toronto’s financial district
  • Beautifully and professionally renovated hybrid office facility, energy-efficient HVAC and lighting systems
  • Access to 650+ locations across the globe
  • Ultra-high-speed – 1 GIG pipe = 1,000 x 1000 fiber-optic network, which will deliver internet connection speeds faster than most North American services
  • Digital Telephone answering personalized for your company
  • Support staff providing free and fee based administrative and business services
  • Free and fee-based use of business machines and equipment, such as colour, black and white photocopier, network printer, scanner, high volume/security shredder, and mass mailing machine
  • Modern office styles and furniture
  • 85″ 4K Smart Television or 75″ High Definition (HD) Smart TV or 65″ Plasma Flat screen for presentations purposes
  • Private shower facilities
  • Café Lounge featuring a beautiful seating area with a view and lots of natural light.  Coffee, tea, filtered water, and soft drinks are available.
  • Training room and event spaces are available on a short or long term basis
  • Benefits of using Telsec commercial office spaces
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