Our daily operations don’t always require a fancy office space. However, as our businesses grow our needs change. This means, on occasion we may require the added benefits of having a professional space to host meetings.

Whether you work from home and want an in-person meeting, have a smaller office space, or are traveling for work, having access to a flexible meeting space will benefit your business in more ways than one.

1. Convenience

Day to day business needs will vary depending on your schedule and workload. For example, if you recently signed a new client you may want to meet with them in a professional setting to discuss important matters. Or, you might want to host a conference and require a large enough space to accommodate everyone you want to invite. On the other hand, on some days you don’t require an office space at all.

Whatever your situation may be, having a flexible meeting space at your disposal offers you the convenience of being able to adjust your space to your schedule. This means knowing you are always covered in case you need a professional location to meet up with employees, clients, or partners in person.

Although online meetings can be convenient, sometimes virtual spaces just don’t offer the same benefits as when you are with people face to face in an in-person meeting.

2. Tech Access

Your regular office space may not have access to all the tech you need for larger scale or high profile meetings. Items such as smart TVs, LCD projectors, projection screens etc, are costly purchases – especially if you don’t need to use them on a regular basis. Nevertheless, they are important for ensuring a professional tone.

Renting a meeting space will give you access to all the tech you need to run a successful meeting, without needing to buy the equipment yourself.

3. Amenities

When hosting a meeting, you want to set the right environment for your attendees; this means choosing a space that will accommodate your agenda. Telsec has a wide variety of boardrooms and meeting rooms so you can select a room that best suits the purposes of your meeting.

In addition to giving you a variety of rooms to choose from, other amenities include catering services and an assortment of drinks so that you and your attendees have the fuel needed to stay productive during the meeting.

4. Location

Situated in the downtown Toronto Financial District, Telsec offices provide you with a great view of the city, as well as an easily accessible location with many transit and parking options. You can also take advantage of the restaurants, shops, and cafes nearby once your meeting is over to solidify relationships.

5. Reduce Costs

Renting an office space, instead of buying or leasing, can save you money in more ways than one. Firstly, buying a prime downtown location can be a large undertaking, and is unnecessary if you don’t need a persteen place 7 days a week. Additionally, with all the amenities included in your meeting room rental space, there is no need for you to buy expensive presentation technology, conferencing tools, or staff member assistance. Therefore sparing you the unseen operating costs of conducting a meeting.

6. Increase Engagement

Nothing increases engagement more like a well planned in-person meeting. Whether your gathering is for clients, in-house employees or a mix of both, business meetings are opportunities for collaboration,and team building. A spacious and professional room will encourage people to mingle and get to know each other.

Additionally, when people are brought into a new space they get a stronger sense that the gathering is special, instead of being another simple meeting. This will make your attendees feel valued, therefore making them more likely to engage in meeting activities.

Increased engagement and collaboration can open the floor to new perspectives and creative ideas.

7. Professionalism

Whether you are setting a first impression or trying to build on current relationships, the space you are hosting your meeting in is crucial. As the environment will have a large impact on the outcome of your objectives.

Even if a business owner (or real estate agent) has great ideas for their meeting, if the space holding the meeting is ill-stocked and does not create a professional atmosphere, this can negatively alter how attendees will perceive the experience.

In addition to the technology and amenities mentioned previously, Telsec rooms come stocked with: flipcharts, white boards, software support, high speed internet and more. These items in conjunction with being in the Financial District will ensure your meeting is set up in a professional space, so you are primed for optimal outcomes.

8. Easy Booking

There is no need to book months in advance. Having the opportunity to rent in- person meeting spaces on short notice will allow business owners to focus more of their time and energy into growing a successful business; while Telsec manages all of their meeting room needs.

With all the rules, regulations and processes that business owners need to abide by on a daily basis, having a flexible meeting space is comforting and refreshing. Take advantage of all the benefits that Telsec boardroom and meeting rentals have to offer today.