Before I talk about why a good business address is important, I have to tell you about what a Google search brought up about my new home. When I did a Google search of my new home address, I found that the house was used as an art project a number of years back. It seems that a previous owner of the house had invited a number of artists to come into the house and do various art installations. Some of the photos and videos I found online showed what look like a completely different interior of the house. One video even showed a mural of a singing flower that has since been painted over. But if you look closely at the wall under different lighting conditions, you can make out some of the lines of the mural.

This started me thinking of addresses and how people see them. For many years small and home based businesses would use post office boxes to receive their business mail. This was mainly in part due to business owners not wanting customers thinking that they did not have a business address. Far too many transient and shady business owners also used post office boxes to hide themselves and the post office box fell out of favour with legitimate business. Today having a good business address is important, because customers use the internet to do their homework. People want to know that a business has a real address and not a post office box. Some small and home based businesses now use virtual office Toronto solutions at a Toronto business centre with a prestigious address.

The idea behind having a virtual office with a prestigious business address is to show clients and future customers that they have a Toronto presence. Some will argue that virtual office addresses are just like glorified post office box addresses, but they would be wrong. Unlike post office box rentals that will rent to anyone, most virtual office locations are very protective of their reputation and will not rent to businesses that are transient and seem shady. They do not want their address associated with companies who have bad business practices. They want clients who value the fact that a good business address is important and want to keep a good reputation for that address.

The other reason that a good business address is important is that even if a small business starts off with a Toronto virtual office at a business centre, they have the ability to grow their business to a point where they can rent office space Toronto at the same business centre and not have to change their business address on their cards or with their clients.