From time to time a business will leave an office space for many reasons, but the last thing some Toronto office space renters want to do is to give up a prime business address. One of Telsec’s long time clients is moving their physical offices out to the suburbs in order for the owner to be closer to his home that is about 50 km from downtown Toronto. Instead of changing their head office address or telephone number, they have decided to give up their executive office space Toronto and keep renting a Toronto shared office space.

How does this work? Well, they are simply downsizing and moving staff to another location. Their mail will still be addressed to their downtown office space location and forwarded to their suburban location on a weekly basis (or a staff member can pick it up when they are downtown visiting a client or having a meeting at their downtown Toronto office space). Yes, as shared office space tenants, they still have access to the the downtown Toronto boardrooms and meeting rooms). Their telephone calls are still routed through the Telsec switchboard and answered by a professional receptionist (one they do not have to hire for their suburban location).

On the other side of the office is a new office space Toronto tenant that has had 1 Yonge Street, Suite 1801 as a business address for the past 4 years. While they had the business address, they were previously Toronto virtual office clients. Now that they have moved their operations from Montreal to Toronto permanently, what better place to have their offices than the place they have used as an address for 4 years?

The funny part was when that Toronto virtual office client showed up to move into their office on Saturday, they brought in all 5 of their employees to move a few boxes of files and 6 laptops. It seemed that they did not understand that they would not be required to move furniture around, as Telsec furnished offices Toronto has people who arrange the furniture to suit clients’ needs.