The trend over the past decade has been that less and less people are traveling for seminars and conferences and doing things via teleconference and Internet web conferences for training and educational purposes. This trend is not only saving businesses a great deal of money in travel expenses, but it can be much less stressful and taxing than the travel itself. Don’t get too comfortable in your office chair, because there is a new trend that might be a hybrid of classroom training and Internet seminars. There might be some travel time involved, but usually it will be about the same as your commute to your office space Toronto.

Over the past two years there have been a few trainers that have been renting Toronto seminar training rooms with teleconferencing abilities, thus allowing them to work with several classrooms in various geographic locations simultaneously. This trend is becoming more popular as more trainers are discovering the benefits of learning in groups, as opposed to just sitting in front of a computer monitor without personal interactions. Where web seminars may be good for some training purposes, others need to be in a business centre environment where team skills are key to the learning process.

The choice of strictly online training or training in teams can be compared to whether a task is better done by someone who works from home (using a virtual office Toronto) solution, or a job that requires cooperative work in an office space Toronto environment. Cooperation is not always the main reason for having people work from a Toronto office space. There is also a social aspect to working in a downtown Toronto office space. This social aspect could be as simple as talking to a colleague at the water cooler or seeing the physical body language reaction to a proposal or an idea.

Again, it all comes down to the nature of the training and the technical needs of the subject matter that will determine how it is delivered and in what type of environment. Being in front of a computer watching, for example, a software training presentation may not be ideal for training sales techniques for a new product.