Trekkies and superhero fans took over the Metro Convention Centre this weekend. I took my girlfriend down to FanExp on Sunday to meet up with some friends of mine who had some spare passes to the extravaganza. I parked my car at my downtown Toronto office space and took the short walk to the Metro Convention Centre.

When we arrived at the convention centre, there were hundreds of fans who had been lined up for hours around a city block trying to get into the convention centre without a prepaid pass. I was not about to join that line up because my friends already had passes for us, were already inside and in the line up to meet William Shatner. Unlike my friends who are diehard super fans of sci-fi and comic books, my interest was only casual and long line ups were not my thing. Also from what I understood, even once inside people were walking shoulder to shoulder trying to navigate the aisles of comic book stands and vendors selling science fiction memorabilia and Japanese Anime accessories and toys.

For super fans like my friends, there was plenty of big name celebrities from TV’s original Batman and Robin, as well as the Star Trek series, including the man who starred as the original Captain Kirk. Yes, Adam West, Burt Ward and William Shatner. But none of these people drew the crowds that Stan Lee (The creator of Spiderman) had waiting for him. At 88 Years old, Lee still comes out to expos like this one and manages to steal the show without even trying.

Other Celebrities included Julie Newmar who played Catwoman in the 1960’S Batman TV series, Dean Stockwell who played John Cavil on Battlestar Galactica  and Al on Quantum Leap, Michael Dorn who played Lieutenant Commander Worf on Star Trek: The Next Generation, and Academy Award winner Ernest Borgnine most know for his role on the 1960’s show McHale’s Navy. Those are just some of the over 140 guests from the world of Sci-Fi, Comics, Gaming and the world of Horror.

Instead of Standing in line to get into FanExpo and then lining up to meet the various celebrities and stars, my girlfriend and I decided to walk along Front Street and check out BuskerFest instead. BuskerFest, now in its 11th year is one of the largest festivals of its kind in North America and is the last major festivals in Toronto’s summer entertainment season.

BuskerFest is produced by Epilepsy Toronto with the support of their title sponsor Scotiabank. Over the last ten years, BuskerFest has raised almost one million dollars for Epilepsy Toronto, a non-profit organization that for the past 50 years has been enabling people with epilepsy to live with dignity and independence.

After a long hot day in the sun, we decided to head home around 4 P.M. Before jumping in the car and driving home, I wanted to go upstairs and check my mail at my Toronto office space, as I had not been in the office for a number of days.

As I was leaving my office and walking down the hall, I was surprised to run into a person who I met only a few weeks ago that was looking for office space for lease Toronto. It seems that shortly after I had told them about Telsec Business Centres, they contacted Josie Graziosi and rented a team space for 7 people. I felt good that they had taken my advice and really loved the office.