alternative-office-solutionsWhat is an Alternative Office Solution? Simply put, it is a new type of office space design and philosophy that removes a lot of the headaches and expenses of traditional office space with much more emphasis on “collaboration space” – or as we like to call it “we space.”

At first it was thought to be just a type of office space suitable for tech companies and young start-ups. Increasingly however, alternative office space is becoming mainstream with millennials actually preferring this new philosophy of office design.

Typically, alternative office spaces are business centres – some sort of business incubator set-up where two companies “share” office spaces and leasing expenses often in traditional office spaces and/or co-working centres (which are basically business centres with less support services and business equipment provided by the centre).

Another driving force behind the trend to alternative space is a changing workplace where employees are favouring companies that offer:

  • Flexible working hours commonly referred to as flex time
  • Telecommuting
  • Hoteling (working remotely)
  • Convenience for mobile workers

Why is alternative office space trending? More and more, small business drives the economy and job growth – and for several reasons, business centres are less expensive to rent and have flexibility in the amount of space rented. Therefore, there are no worries about having to move because businesses have expanded or need to downsize from the current square footage, which sometimesrequires a move.

An office for your business is crucial for instilling confidence in your customers. They need to know that you are a stable and reliable company that is able to handle anything that is thrown at you. A physical office is just one of the ways that this message is sent – and it is one of the most important. The catch, of course, is that offices can be expensive, and a space you can be proud of is hard to come by. Read on to learn about alternative office solutions.

If you are unable to have a traditional permanent office, it is hard to imagine any other alternative than working out of your home or apartment. Some companies do this and it works well for them. They even have a lot of meetings at coffee shops and other public places. But there is no longer any need to do this. The best option for an alternative office solution is to rent a daily office space. An office for rent could be quite expensive. However, other alternative office solutions include shared offices or a part-time offices will allow you to conduct the business you need for a fraction of the cost of a full-time office space.

Besides the money that executive suites will save you in rent, there are also a lot of other benefits. Because it is a shared office space, there is no need to buy furniture. These offices will be fully furnished with modern office furniture, helping you look very professional. There will be no need to spend money hiring and staffing reception employees because the office spaces will provide a professional receptionist to handle all your calls at your direction. If you do need a little more administrative back-up, most companies can provide it at a minimal cost.

While an office for rent can be expensive, part time office space and shared or coworking office space are all very affordable. But there are other solutions as well. A virtual office (mail address and/or telephone answering at a prestigious address) is another great way to run your business with a high level of professionalism. A virtual office offers a professional platform to conduct meetings – an integral part of any business. For a company with a lot of clients in other cities, this is a perfect solution to the office conundrum.

Another great solution for a small company that wants serviced office space is team space, where a company rents a larger office capable of holding a various number of desks in a single room without being overcrowded. Telsec is able to accommodate teams from 3 to 30 people in their office business centre. You tell us how many people you need to have team space for, and the Telsec office specialists can find the right office to suit your needs and your budget.

Office space can be very beneficial to any company. Assuring your clients of your professionalism is one of the most important aspects of any business – and shared office space can provide just that. Do not wait to get your office space – find your ideal office space today!