I have had office for lease Toronto at Telsec for the past 5 years and today at my office was like most days – but there seemed to be less people in the hallways than most days. Then it dawned on me that today was thanksgiving in the USA and that many of the American office tenants had taken the day off and that some had headed south to visit with family. But some of the people who did not take the day off or go away decided to have an American Thanksgiving at my office for rent Toronto.

A group of tenants at my office for rent Toronto, both Americans and Canadians, decided that they would book one of the many meeting rooms at 9 am and watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on the large-screen television. Some brought their coffee and snacks while others brought their laptops to keep up with their work and emails. Some people stayed for the entire parade; others left and came back later and some other tenants even came in for a glance before returning to their Toronto office space.

Around noon a number of people discovered that the Cafe on the fourth floor of the Toronto Star building was not serving Turkey and fixings, so the next best thing was to order some festive meal deals from Swiss Chalet. This suited me just fine because I actually prefer rotisserie chicken to turkey. This also went well for others at my office space Toronto because they could order white or dark meat and no one would be fighting over the drumsticks or wishbones.

It is times like these when I am truly happy and thankful that I choose this place to have my office. There few other office spaces Toronto where I could enjoy American Thanksgiving at my office for rent Toronto, especially since I am Canadian.

I hope everyone else at my office for rent Toronto enjoyed this American Thanksgiving.