From time to time we have small business people come to us to rent a boardroom even though they have their own office space. This is often the result of the owner having to make a decision about his or her space because of growth in the business. A small business that has thought ahead and devoted space for a meeting room or boardroom may see two or more new work spaces in that space, rather than a boardroom that gets used only a few times a month. They come to Telsec Business Centres looking to rent a boardroom that is often better equipped and more comfortable than the space that is now the workspace for their two new employees.

It is not always necessary for a company to have a boardroom or meeting space. The cost of paying rent on a room that sits empty all the time or becomes an unused “storage area” for files and unused furniture, can be an expensive proposition and frankly a waste of money. Not only is the boardroom taking up prime real estate within the office, you also have to consider what it costed to decorate and furnish a space that may only get used once or twice a week. These costs can add up!

Yes, sometimes having your own boardroom makes sense, especially if your small business is using it several times a day and it is important to your business. Chances are, for most small businesses that is not the case – but they still need a meeting space from time to time. What are the solutions? Many public libraries have rooms you can rent and now even some coffee shops have available meeting rooms. But are those options professional? Put yourself in the shoes of the client and think about how your opinion of a company would be if they told you to meet them at a public library or the back room of a coffee shop.

In any given city there are office business centres that rent boardrooms and meeting spaces by the day, the half day and some even by the hour. Wouldn’t meeting a client at a professional business centre be more impressive than the library or the back room of a coffee shop? Again, there are alternatives like hotel business complexes, but they are just not the same as meeting in an office environment that has other amenities to offer.

Even when a company has a meeting room or boardroom room of its own, a professional conference room can still be a better choice because it can have more comfortable seating and better audio/video equipment. By renting a room for conferences or meetings, a company can also avoid the cost of the purchase of chairs, tables, presentation equipment, etc.

Sometimes companies and organizations may need to rent a conference room, boardroom or meeting space for other reasons. Perhaps the company does not have a room large enough to accommodate staff. Therefore, having this kind of event in a larger meeting room or a larger conference room will make it easier for more people to participate.

Renting a meeting room or boardroom that already has the latest equipment can be a real money saver. A well-maintained boardroom or meeting room which has luxurious surroundings and state-of-the-art equipment will make a meeting a lot easier and will make a better impression on clients in an office environment. Potential customers and colleagues will be impressed with the comfort and professionalism – and this will mean more business for the long term.

Then there are small businesses who do not have full-time offices, but work from home offices. A home office is not the place to bring clients, especially when they are only starting to use your business. Attempts to organize a conference in a small office or home can be disastrous and a waste of time and money. It can give potential clients and colleagues the wrong impression too.

Lets talk about other benefits of renting a room at an office business centre. If you are already renting office space at a business centre like Telsec, the use of boardrooms and meeting rooms is free. Even virtual office clients get reduced rates for use of boadrooms. These rates are considerably lower than what the cost would be to non-clients. Need high-speed Internet for your next meeting? Telsec has you covered. Oh, you need photocopies (even colour copies) for you presentation? Well, the cost per page is lower than you would find at most copy centres! Finally, coffee, tea and filtered water are free. You just need to serve yourself from one of two kitchens.