Keeping computer files, e-mails, financial information and other online activities safe from hackers is often a topic of conversation around the water cooler in many Toronto office spaces and other offices around the country.  As most people know, the first line of security is the password that is used on the computer as well as the passwords for e-mail and online sites. What most people do not realize is that there are passwords and there are strong pA$sw0rdZ.

The object when choosing strong passwords for use on your executive suites Toronto computer or on the Internet is to make it as difficult as possible for a would-be cyber criminal or intruder to guess you passwords, whether it be by educated guesses from information they have accessed about the individual who created the password or automated attacks using algorithms.

If the password on your office space Toronto computer is less than 8 characters, your password is weak and that makes it easier for intruders and cyber criminals to crack. Other things security experts want you to consider are things like not having your real name, username or the name of your company in your password. These can be easily guessed even by the least sophisticated cyber criminal or intruder. You also want to avoid using real complete words – because those who guess or use software to guess your password look for real words first and foremost.

Over our next few blogs we be will discussing strategies for keeping the files on your office space Toronto computer safe from intruders and cyber criminals. Our next blog will include techniques for creating a strong password and keeping it secure from those who want to steal your files from your Toronto office for rent computer – but also from any files or information you store or access online as well.