You buy a bag of potato chips, pop it open, and half of what comes out is air! You purchase the same food items for the same amount of money and the portions are smaller. That same shrinking value for your dollar is happening in real estate too. Many of the condominiums rising in Toronto’s downtown core are a prime example. Yes, the buildings are replete with amenities, but the units themselves are getting smaller and smaller in terms of square footage when compared to older buildings that are just as elegant.

This “matchbox mentality” is occurring in many commercial office space for rent Toronto buildings too – but NOT in ALL Toronto office space for rent locations! For example, many office space for rent Toronto landlords are scrambling to meet the needs of an ever-more-demanding business tenant. They’re offering a host of amenities and more flexible rental options such as small office space for rent Toronto, Toronto executive office space for rent and even some shared office space for rent Toronto offices.

But the one huge problem they cannot overcome is the “matchbox mentality” – the ever-shrinking Toronto office space for rent buildings, mostly new, whose rental units seem more like small “cubicles.” Have you ever felt that your current office space for rent Toronto location is so cramped that you feel like a prisoner, not a tenant whose business is appreciated? Never underestimate the importance of the square footage in your final office space for rent Toronto location. You should be able to stretch out, relax and take a break from your hectic workday without feeling like you are in a closet.

Fortunately, there are many established, upscale and elegant buildings in the downtown core that still offer more spacious Toronto office space for rent, replete with all the amenities. One is the Toronto Star building at One Yonge Street. In 1971, Canada’s largest newspaper moved into this prestigious new address and it has been a Toronto landmark ever since. From its office space for rent Toronto executive suites with breathtaking views of Toronto harbour, to its small office space for rent Toronto options, to its popular shared office space Toronto alternatives, there is added value and there is spaciousness.

These serviced office Toronto for rent spaces are located at Telsec Business Centres on the 18th and 19th floors of the Toronto Star building. Their spaciousness is no surprise when you consider that Telsec created them over 30 years ago and continues to improve them! But don’t take anyone’s word for it. Tour the suites on your own. Sit in one of the comfortable office chairs behind a beautiful desk, stretch your arms and your legs and find out what “spaciousness” really means. Telsec has that in abundance. With 30 years in business…..well, they must be doing something right!