Imagine a utopia where people are no longer compelled to be connected to one location, a life where the world isn’t limited by distance or borders but is instead open to exploration at whim and supportive of cultural immersion. Imagine living on a remarkably unified planet. For many entrepreneurs, that world already exists.

A few months ago we looked at the Rise of the Digital Nomad, that type of entrepreneur who lives to travel and has found ways to work independently or as part of a team while constantly moving from one place to the next. While their lives might seem chaotic and messy, some of the most productive and yet peaceful people find their grounded selves constantly moving over ground yet continually able to serve their clients.

That they’re able to balance work and flight so easily is amazing though how they do it is more a mixture of routine, discipline, good planning, use of increasingly ubiquitous technologies, and basic common sense. If you’re interested in joining their ranks in the Frequent Flier Luxury Lounge at airports and hotels, hostels or AirBnBs in cities around the world, there’s a few things you’re going to need.

First, you need to establish a “home” base. This doesn’t have to be a geo-specific location. You should enlist the virtual office services of a business centre in your nation of origin. Make sure that business center is part of a global network of business centers. Virtual offices provide business and call reception, a physical mailing address that can forward mail to any location on Earth, phone support services, and other office / business services. Having a virtual office means someone is always around to answer the phone and accept the mail, ridding you of two location-dependent considerations.

Next, you’ll want to invest in an Artificial Intelligence personal assistant. Running a business is a complicated endeavour. So is traveling. Keeping track of your personal, work, and travel schedule seems daunting and difficult. Now try doing that for yourself and your assistants or staff. That’s where A.I. applications can help. One example is named Amy. ( Capable of balancing several schedules, Amy is credited with saving users hundreds of hours per year.

You’ll need a bevy of communications tools, all of which can fit in a standard computer tote bag. You will want a good smart phone (Android or iOS) that can be used with the sim-cards of other service providers around the world. You’ll also want a reliable laptop computer and a means of backing up your files either to a portable hard-drive or to the cloud. Your laptop also doubles as an entertainment unit capable of streaming content, or storing it for use in places with spotty or non-existent Internet. While your mobile phone provides an adequate camera, you might want to purchase a full scale digital camera. You might only visit some places once.

When traveling abroad, always check the rules and regulations of work and travel in the countries you wish to visit. Many will require a visa that spells out what sorts of activities you are permitted while traveling in that country. Chances are nobody will mind if you bang out a bunch of emails while sitting by the hotel pool but if you intend to set up a retail outlet or a business with a permanent address in another country, it’s likely local tax and registration authorities might want to discuss your plans with you.

You will however want to take advantage of coworking spaces available through the business center network you’re part of. Able to sync up with your virtual office provider, a coworking space gives you a casual yet focused place in which to set up your laptop and mobile phone around other business focused people. It also provides standard office equipment and support, which makes doing business on the never-ending road far easier and seamless. Telsec is part of a network of over 500 business centers around the world which means finding a coworking center virtually anywhere is relatively easy.

Lastly, you’ll need to take care of your social networks, the real ones as well as the virtual ones. Keeping in touch with friends, family, business associates, and mentors is extremely easy but takes a commitment of time. Keeping up with travel companions and other digital nomadic entrepreneurs is equally important. Often, people meet others with complementary skills while traveling and they find ways to collaboratively build business for each other. Keeping up with new found friends who become associates is critical as that spreads the scope of your own business further.

According to a Buddhist proverb, the longest journeys in life begin with the smallest of steps. Deciding to ditch convention and live between coworking spaces is a big step but, if you can take it, one that can alter your life forever.