Today I left my home at the same time as my neighbor and we even took the same route right up until I turned south on Yonge Street to get to my downtown Toronto office space at 1 Yonge Street.

I was in my office about 30 minutes when I remembered that I forgot to ask my neighbor if  I could borrow his electric leaf blower tonight. So I called his cell phone.  It seems that he had just arrived at his Toronto office space in the core of the city, he had been stuck in downtown traffic for 25 minutes. So being only blocks south of the city core saves half an hour of commute.

My neighbor is an outside sales representative and works in a satellite office from the rest of the company, just so he can be near his downtown Toronto clients. The funny part of this story is that his biggest client is located in the same building that I have my Toronto serviced office.  The real kicker was when my neighbor found out I was paying less for my serviced office Toronto than he was paying for his raw office space and all the amenities and equipment  that he has to pay for on top of his rent.

With Telsec downtown Toronto office space, you not only save money, but also on your commute time into the city core.

Watch the Telsec YouTube channel OfficeSpaceToronto for a video.

Coming soon – a virtual office solution video and a video comparing serviced offices  over raw rental office space.