Over the last few years business has seen tremendous growth in cloud computing. The most popular Web applications used today include: Google Apps and Google Drive that allow users to not only store their files remotely, but also provide online applications to edit word processing files, databases, spread sheets and presentations – without having software installed on a PC, laptop or tablet. Cloud office users can even receive faxes via their email without having access to a fax machine.

The term cloud computing is sometimes also referred to as “working in the cloud.”  This refers to the act of performing common computer tasks and workflow using services that are delivered entirely over the Internet. The biggest benefit to users is that they do not have to install programs or download updates because the applications they use remain on the internet and updates are not seen. Having these applications hosted online also means that your PC or other device does not need to do the processing.

The term “cloud office” is a newer term that refers to a not-so-new way of doing business through a Toronto virtual office. Typically, a virtual office Canada is an arrangement where a small home business or a salesperson who is on the road can have a professional business address where they can also have their telephone calls answered by a professional receptionist in a manner that best suits them. Whether it is seamlessly forwarding the call to another number (home or cell) or letting the caller know that the business is not available (and offer to transfer to voice mail), companies look more professional by having someone answer their call personally rather than have it answered by an automated answering service.

Many cloud office (virtual office Toronto) providers are located in office business centres that also offer office space Toronto. These business centres will often offer Toronto meeting room rentals and other on-demand services to cloud-office clients at a discounted rate compared to non-clients.

Consider this senerio: a cloud office client is renting a Toronto boardroom from his Toronto virtual office provider. When he arrives before his scheduled meeting with his customer, he realizes he left the documents for his customer to sign at his home office. Luckily for him, he uses a cloud drive for all of his documents, so he simply needs to download those documents from the cloud and print them at the office business centre for a very small fee – and his customer never has to know about the potential crisis.

There are plenty of benefits to using cloud computing in conjunction with a cloud office at an office business centre. You just need to explore them.