The pandemic has forced organizations and start-ups to move operations to the virtual world. This has increased the demand for virtual office spaces, especially in the start-up and small business community.

Virtual office spaces have helped small businesses and start-ups immensely during the pandemic. Through virtual office spaces, these companies can have a physical address and office-related services, thus helping the companies to save money they would have to spend for an office lease and administrative staff.

Virtual offices give the company employees the freedom to work from anywhere, and in the meanwhile the company can still have a physical mailing address. Moreover, the company can also have a professional receptionist answering company calls and redirecting them to the intended employee. Virtual office spaces also come with perks such as quick access to meeting rooms and videoconferencing.

Who Can Use Virtual Offices?

  • People working from home requiring a professional presentation
  • Companies that require a branch office with a high profile address
  • Companies that need a satellite office in a new location
  • Entrepreneurs
  • People who want to test out a new idea and do not want to incur the high cost of investing in their own space


Advantages of Using a Virtual Canadian Address

1)   Address Services

Virtual offices give you a professional corporate mailing address. The virtual address is essential to make your remote or virtual business look legitimate and professional. Moreover, you will end up saving a lot of capital by not having a lease obligation for a physical office (that may not be in use due to lockdowns). A virtual address also offers flexible leases with a month-to-month obligation.

2)   Virtual Assistance

Virtual offices also offer virtual receptionist and admin services. So when a client or customer calls the business number, a central receptionist will pick and handle the calls in a manner that the business client has requested. On the same note, calls to the virtual office can be redirected to individual employees to their home or cell numbers. The service also lets the caller leave a voicemail that the employee will receive and can access at their convenience.

3)   Cost Efficient

A physical office comes with many additional costs, such as utilities, buying furniture, equipment, and technology. These expenses could add up to a huge amount over time. Additionally, many companies that had a lease obligation during the lockdown ended up wasting a lot of money on an empty office. The benefit of virtual offices is seen here since it helps you cut these additional costs. Moreover, the money saved could be reinvested towards the growth of your business.

4)   Mail Handling

The satellite  office admin will also handle your company’s mail and redirect them to the employee whom it was intended to reach. This again gives the business an opportunity to save money by not having to hire additional staff for such tasks.

5)   Easily available office spaces

The virtual office comes with many additional perks. One of them is the flexibility to book or reserve a meeting room or conference room. This is useful when you may have a client meeting, a business pitch, or simply want a common space for your team to  meet and work on a project.

6)   Business scalability

When your business is not confined to the walls of a physical office, you can grow your team as you need, without worrying about logistical issues such as adding more office space.This will help your team meet your businesses growing demand which will in turn help in quick and rapid business growth.

7)   Ease in setup

Virtual offices are very easy to set up. With Telsec, it is estimated to take about 10 business days to register your business for the virtual address. Moreover, it is quick and easy to cancel a virtual office membership.

8)   Flexibility in working hours

With the reduced commute time, employees have more time to work and focus on the task at hand. They also have the flexibility to clock in and out at their convenience as long as the deliverables are met. This takes the pressure off the employee to be present at the office at a particular time and leave at a particular time.

9)   Hire talent from any region

With a virtual office you are not limited to hiring talent from the region where your office is located. Rather, you can find and hire talent from other locations. This gives you the opportunity to hire the best talent for the specific role. The virtual office will also help you to get the new remote working employee onboard by mailing them the hardware and setting up their contact information with the business.

10)  Improved work-life balance

The employees save a lot of time working from home, and can spend that extra time with family or by pursuing a hobby or interest. This ensures that the employees have a healthier and happier work-life balance, in turn, improving your business’s employee retention rate overall.


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