Ok, you’re about to begin your search for the best executive suites Toronto has to offer. Great! But do you know “EXACTLY” what you’re looking for? And what’s your budget? Most importantly, what type of clients do your serve? When they walk into your place of business, what will be their first impression? Well, downtown Toronto office space, need not be an expensive proposition.

The first question you must ask yourself is: “Do I need an upscale location, elegant reception area and prestigious office?” If the answer is “yes” then you need to start doing some serious comparison shopping of Toronto office space, especially in the busy downtown area. Because in the final analysis, you don’t really need to pay expensive monthly office space rental rates just because the building is upscale or in a prime or easily accessible location. Bottom line: Take advantage of the ongoing competition amongst landlords for downtown Toronto office space to find the best executive suites Toronto has to offer.

A “suite” is more than an office!

Be aware of a client’s likely perception of the word “suites” in the phrase “best executive suites Toronto has to offer.” Unlike some office rental Toronto locations, a “suite” denotes a much more sophisticated and elegant office setting and atmosphere. So your comparison shopping search should include:

• Location – is it an upscale downtown area?

• Are there several office suite rental options to choose from?

• Is parking inexpensive and easily accessible?

• Is the building itself secure and accessible 24/7?

• Is the reception area welcoming and elegant?

• Are the washrooms bright and clean?

• Are there kitchen facilities with free refreshments for your guests?

• What perks, creature comforts and other amenities are available?

You’ll be surprised to discover that some of the best executive suites Toronto has to offer, can fall within your existing budget. This due in part by the competitiveness of office business centres offering elegant Toronto downtown office space rentals. More surprisingly, there are office business centres offering Toronto office space with no hidden costs – you know what your monthly bill is going to be. Oftentimes, the only office space Toronto charges that are not the same every month, are your long distance telephone and photocopier usage.

Some of the best executive suites Toronto has to offer are at 1 Yonge Street, located on the 18th floor  of the Toronto Star Building. These office rental Toronto suites are managed by Telsec Business Centres. Telsec boasts some of the most reasonably priced and elegant office rentals (yes, completely furnished suites) that you could imagine.