Office space for lease TorontoOk, you’ve found the ideal and accessible downtown Toronto office space location and the most cost-effective office space for lease Toronto building imaginable. The terms meet your requirements, the staff are courteous and professional, your office is elegant, spacious and functional and there are amenities such as a free weekday newspaper and complimentary coffee, tea and filtered water. So what are the best office space for lease Toronto options?

Now while all these factors and perks are important in selecting the best office space for lease Toronto has to offer, there’s one key question that still remains to be answered: Are there enough on-site office-support features that will allow you to concentrate fully on your business? Or are you going to be wasting time accessing necessary daily services outside your office space Toronto? Do they offer the best office space for lease Toronto options? The most efficient entrepreneurs in business today do what they do best – and leave the problems of operating an office to other trained professionals.

Your best office space for lease Toronto options should result in maximum productivity with a minimum of operating expense. So, before you sign any lease, no matter how attractive, ask if your arrangement includes things like:

  • 24-hour heating and cooling, including Saturdays and Sundays
  • 24-hour access 7 days week to your Toronto office space, including parking if needed
  • Access to high-speed internet, web hosting, tele-conferencing, etc.
  • On-site boardrooms, training rooms and meeting rooms
  • Incoming and outgoing fax service and shredder
  • Colour and B&W network printing facilities
  • Word processing/secretarial services
  • Discounts on courier services
  • Packing and shipping services
  • Accounting services
  • Advertising agency services such as copywriting, design and photography
  • On-site restaurant or catering services
  • On-site financial institutions or ATM’s

If you can find an office offering the best office space for lease Toronto options in an ideal location with even a few of these on-site services, then you will become much more efficient and spend more time doing what you do best. By far the best office space for lease Toronto buildings will have all of these and more, as landlords compete for your business. Bottom line: What you should really be looking for is a FULL-SERVICE business centre – so do your research before signing any lease agreement.