Coworking spaces are leading the way in terms of the new modern office. While some remote professionals and businesses sign up for coworking offices to take advantage of the networking opportunities, others might join to avoid the overhead costs associated with offices. The main objective though – professionals want a nice environment to get their work done. Because coworking spaces are less traditional, it’s not always clear what the dress code is. In this post, we breakdown the basics of dress codes at a coworking space.

Represent your company and brand

If your business and brand meets with clients, it’s always recommended to put your best foot forward. Many people judge based on first impressions so wearing a professional outfit will only get you further ahead. However, if you’re just starting out and haven’t had the time to develop your brand identity, the simplest way to do so is to appear put together around the coworking space – especially for networking.

Business owners can also implement a brand-oriented dress code. For example, depending on the type of business, you can offer business formal or business casual attire as the options. Building out a dress code in your company manual or rule book makes it accessible for employees and helps define company culture and values.

Dress codes in coworking spaces

Generally speaking, most coworking spaces are business casual. Because you’ll be working around different types of people and businesses, it’s important to be respectful of the space. At the end of the day, It’s recommended you avoid wearing clothing that will distract others in the workplace. People from different cultures and backgrounds work in coworking offices and it’s important to remain professional. In general, there should be no smoking, drinking (unless for a specific event) or animals in the space (however, there are certain exceptions) due to allergies.

Dress code basics for the workplace

With any professional environment, it’s important you represent yourself and your company well. Keep your desk or workstation tidy, put away any dishes that accumulate around you and compose yourself properly. If you don’t have any business casual attire, there are a few things you can do.

Invest in basic clothing

If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to clothing, start with investing in simple and multi-purpose pieces. For example, black, white and grey t-shirts can be dressed up in many different ways. Next up, invest in simple pants or a nice pair of jeans. A lot of these pieces don’t need to be expensive and you can find different ways to style them so they’re appropriate for the office.

Dress smart casual

Many remote workers dress “smart casual”. This refers to the middle ground between formal job interview clothes and an everyday basis. Some types of clothes include shirts and sweaters with no flashy logos, button-down shirts, cardigans and smart pants. Keep your accessories and shoes simple so you don’t get distracted while working.

Key takeaways for dress codes in the coworking space

Dressing well for the workplace is common courtesy that’s often expected. It might seem like semantics, but wearing the wrong outfit to a meeting with a client, an interview or networking event can leave a bad first impression. The best thing you can do as a small business, working professional.

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