Office business centers are becoming more and more popular because tenants want to be treated as clients and customers by those who have office for rent Toronto. More business centers should listen to their tenants. Office space Toronto does this and has much happier tenants for that reason.

In traditional office spaces, companies pay their rent and almost never see the landlord or his/her representative. Yes, when things are broken they may see a repair person or building maintenance staffer, but rarely anyone that will take the initiative and make constructive suggestions of what can be done to fix the situation immediately. Questions, concerns, comments and suggestions often take a long time to be addressed or to be brought to the attention of the person or persons who can actually make a decision.

With office business centres like Telsec, the office space Toronto staff tenants talk to the ones who can make sure their concerns are heard by those who make the decisions. For minor problems and concerns, often the staffer who ends up handling the request can take care of the problem immediately without having to go up the chain of command. For example, when the photocopier is not working correctly, most of the Toronto office space staff know how to fix the problem or can quickly get it resolved without having to get approval to call the same-day service reps. When there are problems with the telephones or the Internet, the receptionist can quickly deal with the problem and can have it resolved very quickly. Oh and yes my personal favorite, when the complimentary coffee (especially the hazelnut) runs low or is empty, the staff will insure there is a fresh pot within minutes.

Some of the changes that have been made originating from office space Toronto tenants’ suggestions are Telsec’s regular newsletter, informational e-mails and free business networking events that are held in the conference rooms Toronto.

There are plenty of other examples, but one that recently came to the attention of our blogger via an office space Toronto client, was about suggested changes to the blog and website that would help those with dyslexia to better read the blog and website.  The tenant wanted the Telsec web and blog team to know that there is a font typeface called OpenDyslexic that was specially designed to help those with dyslexia, but importantly noted that the font is also easy to read for those without the condition. This came of great interest to the Toronto office space webmaster, who himself was diagnosed with a minor form of dyslexia.

While investigating using OpenDyslexia for the website and blog, it was discovered that there are other fonts that are common web-friendly fonts that are also dyslexic-friendly and do not require the viewer to download the OpenDyslexic font. Some fonts that are easier to read for dyslexics are; Arial, Comic Sans, Century Gothic, Verdana and Trebuchet. Each of these has advantages and disadvantages. Read more about these fonts here and let us know which font Telsec’s office space Toronto webmaster should set as our standard font.