Sharing common areas of an office business centre like Telsec can be very beneficial to office space for rent Toronto clents, especially when it comes to business networking opportunities. Like most offices, many people who work in business centres start their day when they get their coffee, tea or whatever morning beverage they like to have. While they are getting their coffee in the kitchen, they will run into familiar faces and engage in small talk. Throughout the day they will often return to the kitchen to grab another coffee or to heat up their lunch. Often they will run into the same people (who are on the same coffee-craving schedule) or other office space tenants who are getting their first cup of the day.

Another common area of a business centre that people find themselves running into other office space for lease Toronto tenants is in the room where the photocopiers, network printers and fax machines are located. Again, while waiting for a printing job or a fax to come in, they will chit-chat and conduct small talk. At Telsec, there is not usually a line-up to use the black and white photocopiers. But sometimes when a number of people are sending large, more complex colour printing jobs at the same time as other tenants are, a few people will be in the printing room waiting. Sometimes the small talk will lead to business talk and networking begins.

The more that people run into each other in the same places within a business centre where they have office space downtown Toronto, the more they become familiar with each other and know the type of business or industry that each is in. Without even trying to network, they have inadvertently started the networking process.

A new office space Toronto client (who was formerly a virtual office client) noticed this unplanned networking phenomenon and commented that there should be a way business centre office networking can also benefit virtual office Toronto clients at Telsec. Some of the steps that Telsec Business Centres Inc. has taken, or will soon take to help clients network, include:

  • Establishing a Facebook page called “Office Space Toronto” to not only promote Telsec, but allow social networking of its clients.
  • Creating a newsletter that will go out via email to both Toronto office space clients and Toronto virtual office clients. (including doing articles on featured clients).
  • A plan to set up Thursday lunch networking events.
  • Invite clients to write a “Guest Blog Posting” on the Telsec Blog so they can promote their business and tell their story about having a Telsec virtual office space Toronto or an office space Toronto at Telsec.

One way that Telsec is promoting its Facebook page and gathering followers of its newsletter is to run contests. The current contest on involves finding the red staplers on the website to win VIP Clubs Seats to see the Buffalo Bills play in Toronto on December 16th.

Social networking is only one way that business centre office networking can also benefit virtual office Toronto clients. Keep a watch on the blog and Facebook for more helpful hints.