The Canadian government had been working on a waiver that would shield Canada’s exporters from the Buy America provisions that  the U.S. Congress placed on U.S. President Barack Obama’s $787 billion  economic stimulus package introduced last year.

This type of protectionism did not only harm Canadian exporters, but it also prevented US firms from spending their money on developing their Canadian markets. Many US companies gave up their Canadian office space and tried to service Canadian clients from offices in the United States. As news spreads of the lifting of restrictions, more and more American firms seeking Toronto office space are looking at coming back to Canada, but are looking at more economic office solutions that do not involve a great deal of investment. These companies who are returning to Canada, as well as those looking to expand into the Canadian marketplace are looking for Toronto serviced offices. They are looking to companies like Telsec who are offering office space for lease in Toronto or Toronto office space that does not require a long term commitment.

Many US firms that are looking to gain a Canadian presence, are looking for office space Toronto where they do not need to hire administrative staff and do not want to have to deal with Canadian employment taxes and the bureaucratic nightmare of setting up source deduction accounts for administrative employees.  They can pay their US based staff members through their home office.

Toronto Shared Offices

Shared Office Space Toronto

Some clients choose to rent private offices or semi private offices Toronto for their Toronto branch offices when they intend to spend a lot of time in their office, while other companies choose shared offices Toronto (AKA touchdown offices) that allow them to have a prestigious business address, but do not need a full time office space for rent.

Regardless of what office space Toronto package a client chooses, they have access to all the amenities, including use of meeting rooms and boardrooms, access to modern office equipment like photocopiers and faxes, as well as the use of modern kitchen facilities that include complimentary coffee, tea and filtered water.