Canadian Virtual OfficeAs many companies and professional sports teams are jumping on the re-branding bandwagon and updating their look, notice they are not changing their address or contact info. Your business address is important for current and future customers to know and remember.

Having a prestigious address is important to any business, especially if you have had it for a long time. An established address shows stability to customers and to vendors. People want to know that a business is not constantly moving and changing where it is located – they want to see that a business is stable.

If a customer looks for a contact address for a business, they give more attention to a business that has an address in an important building or at a prestigious location. When a potential customer sees that the business address is a P.O. Box or a storefront shipping location, they may worry if the business they are dealing with is a “fly by night” operation.

When a business has an address at a professional office space, customers tend to take them more seriously. Even as a virtual office client, having a professional office address means they are taken more seriously. Staff at an office business centre will treat clients of the virtual office the same way as the would treat physical office-space clients.

Once a company establishes a professional business address at a office business centre, it usually does not want to change that address or phone number. Telsec Business Centres has several clients who have moved to non-serviced office spaces to accommodate a larger staff, but did not want to change their business address or how their calls were handled. Keeping their business address and telephone answering at an office business centre was affordable – and also saved them the cost of hiring a receptionist.