Twas the day before Christmas and there were many people wandering the halls of our office space Toronto. Smiles were everywhere and some people even had eggnog instead of their complimentary coffee! Even many of those who do not celebrate the Christian holiday were wrapped up in the spirit of goodwill associated with the commercial trappings of the holiday. It was pleasant to hear “Merry Christmas” rather than “Happy Holidays” from people you did not know.

One conversation that was overheard in the kitchen of our office space Toronto was about the most requested thing that mall Santas were being asked for. Along with the usual top trending toys, this year Santa is getting a lot of requests for an Ikea monkey or a pet wild turkey like the one that has been seen along Kingston Road in Toronto’s East end.

One thing is for sure – our downtown Toronto office space will be accessible by office tenants on December 25th, just like it is every day of the year. Some people will be using their office space Toronto to hide away and get some work done without many people around or the ringing of the phones from customers’ calls. One office for rent Toronto client said he intends to use his office space as home base while shopping for Boxing Day sales on the 26th. He will drop off sales items bought downtown at his office space for lease Toronto so that he does not need to carry the items around with him while he is fighting in line for the next item.

Whether you prefer Merry Christmas or Season’s Greeting, we hope you take the next few days and enjoy them as you want. Our office space Toronto will be open for regular business hours on Thursday and Friday.