It is days like today that I am so happy to have climate controlled office rental Toronto. The temperatures outside are almost in the 30’s and the humidity makes it feel like it is in the 40’s, but the temperature in my office space for rent Toronto is comfortable and easy to work with. Because of the design and recent upgrades of the Toronto Star Building, keeping the office space cool is not as hard as it is for other downtown Toronto office towers.

Often when the nice weather arrives, there are no line-ups at the fourth floor cafeteria (now called Cafe on 4), as people decide to venture outside for lunch at the many hot dog carts and chip trucks that are found along Queens Quay. But today with all the heat and humidity warnings, I had to line up at noon to get my lunch. It seems that many others like myself did not want to leave their climate controlled office for rent Toronto to go for lunch and instead took the elevator down to the 4th floor to enjoy the air conditioned Cafe on 4.

I slipped out early from my climate controlled office space Toronto to head home to what I was expecting to be a cool place to be, only to find that the AC had not been turned on and the house was one giant hot box. I did not have any more work to do, but I decided to head back to my climate controlled office space Toronto to watch some TV shows on their ultra-fast internet and enjoy some more of the free coffee.

I talked with a friend over skype while I was waiting to leave my climate controlled office space Toronto and return home to a house that would hopefully have cooled down. My friend on skype was telling me that his New York City office space did not have air conditioning and that he was looking to move. He joked that he might even have to move to Canada where it was cooler, but I quickly told him that we were experiencing the same heat wave in Toronto. I also mentioned to him that my Toronto office space for rent was part of an alliance of 650 business centres around the world. I told him that he could find a New York office space through our listings of global office space locations.