Office Space Toronto LocationSo you are looking to rent or lease office space and you are not sure whether you want to conduct the search yourself or engage a commercial real estate agent. Conducting a search for an office and making the right choice is very important to your business. But engaging the help of a commercial real estate agent’s expertise could be an even more important decision. Here are some key points to help you decide:

Commercial real estate agents know the office space market.

Not only do commercial real estate agents know the market, but they can help steer you toward office rental properties that fit your needs and budget. By knowing the the trends in office space and knowing the properties and landlords, they can potentially save your company from making a bad choice in office space.

Think about how much your time is worth

Commercial real estate agents can save you a lot of time in your search for that perfect office space. Based on your needs and goals for your business’s office, as well as the knowledge of office space properties, a commercial real estate agent can likely narrow your search faster than you could on your own.

Data and resources that you do not have easy access to

Commercial real estate agents work for broker companies who invest a large amount of money to have the most up-t- date data, information and resources at their agents’ disposal. They are in the information business to bring the right tenants to the right properties.

A Commercial Real Estate Agent can reduce the stress of negotiations

You have to remember that a commercial real estate broker negotiates for a living, and can provide a great deal of support in making sure the final deal is right for you. Because of the complexities of some leases, a trained commercial lease negotiator can be a helpful advocate on your side that can spot hidden charges or profit centres for the landlord.

Choose the right agent who will work for you

The choice of using an experienced advocate in commercial leasing can be beneficial to your small business in finding the right office space – but make sure you find the one who will work tirelessly for you. You want to find an agent that will not direct you to office space that will offer them a greater commission and end up costing you more money.

This article was written for the business consumer, as a way of demonstrating options in searching for office space.  Telsec does not recommend any particular agent or agents. If you are a commercial real estate broker and would like to register with Telsec Business Centre, please click here.