“Thank you for taking my content and sharing it. Just please be sure to give me some credit.” Yes, you heard that correctly! It used to be that people would come after you for taking content created by another person and sharing it (as a copyright infringement). But in this modern digital world content is often being created to be syndicated to as many people as possible. One of the best ways of spreading links to your content is with social media sites and RSS feeds.

Over the years here at Telsec, we have learned that creating content that offers value not only to our long-time office space Toronto tenants, but also to those who might be interested in a Toronto virtual office solution, offers a distinct benefit. We try to deliver content that is not just about office space or virtual offices, but we try to provide topical business information on a variety of subjects. Recently we did a blog series on “Seniorpreneurs” starting with Our Office Space Toronto Says Welcome ‘Seniorpreneurs’. A few of the blogs in this series were re-posted on other blog sites and subsequently from people who had not previously subscribed to our blogs when posted.

Recently, a new virtual office prospect showed up randomly to check out the facilities. His intention was to get a virtual office solution that included the Toronto mail option and telephone answering service by a live receptionist who was actually at the office location – and not in a call centre. When he arrived, he indicated that he was interested in seeing if the boardrooms and meeting rooms were the same as what was on the website – particularly the one off the reception area that he had seen a photo of when re-tweeted by one of his friends.

Just as serviced Toronto office space is not like traditional office space and virtual offices are not like P.O. Boxes, content sharing is not like putting up a website and hoping someone will read it. Entrepreneurs and small businesses often believe they cannot afford the time or the money to pay someone to create content and then promote it. But we are going to try to assist them with a series of blogs that will help them find the tools and the time to reach their audience on a tight budget.