This week some of Telsec’s key staff members are off to a convention with other members of the Alliance of 650 Telsec office business centre locations across North America. The idea behind this convention is to share ideas amongst business centres to help them better serve their clients and improve on the quality of products they are able to offer – not only our office space Toronto tenants, but also our Toronto virtual office clients.

When you think about your office-service provider, you should not think about them as a landlord, but as a service provider and business builder. Your business is important to you and should also be important to your office-space provider and your other vendors who you rely upon to keep your business relevant to your customers.

Conventions and seminars are a great source of new ideas and ways to improve how a business services its tenants and customers. These meetings can often sound like they are a frivolous spending of money to pat each other on the back, but in fact they are about learning what is working or not working when servicing clients, as well as discovering how to improve the quality of the services that are offered.

Even if you sell widgets, meeting with widget associations and other widget providers will allow you to learn how to be better at servicing your widget customers. This is because you may have an idea of how to better serve your customers, but one of the convention experts may have a way to take your idea to a higher level and improve not only how you sell your widget, but how you service your widget clients.

By now you are thinking “how can a convention for business centres benefit me as an office-space tenant or a virtual office Toronto client?” The answer may not sound as simple as that of a vendor who wants to keep his or her product modern and up to date. It is more that you look to your office space Toronto provider to save you money on office administration and provide you with quality services at a good price – so that you do not need to hire administrative staff to perform those tasks that are not part of your core business duties.

Over the coming days we will be exploring some of the changes that we have developed over the years from attending conventions and seminars with our peers. What we have learned has definitely helped us to better service our Toronto office-space tenants, our virtual-office Toronto clients and our Boardroom rental clients.