Many small and medium size businesses conduct their business out of their home or an unserviced office space for rent Toronto, this is mainly due to no one telling them about the advantages of doing business at a business centre. Once companies discover the advantages of having a office for rent Toronto at a business centre, they wonder how they were able to work before.

Before explaining the advantages of doing business at a business centre, I should tell you what a business centre is. A business centre is  professional corporate service centre providing short-term or long-term office space for rent Toronto solutions which include, private offices, semi private offices, shared offices, part time offices or even furnished team space office space rentals. Business centres are often used by companies who are growing and need the flexibility of expanding their office without having to move. Office business centres are also used by companies who are expanding into new markets, so they can instantly set up shop and begin doing business right away.

The advantages of doing business at a business centre are: Your company can eliminate long-term lease contracts, oversized Toronto office space rental and the hiring of extra staff for administrative duties like office management, receptionist and other secretarial services. At the same time, your company gets a prestigious downtown Toronto business address that enhances your corporate image.

There are many other advantages to doing business at a business centre, such as the fact that your office comes already decorated with modern office furniture and contemporary art work (you can also choose to bring your own furniture and decorations). Unlike other office for rent Toronto locations, an office business centre also give you access to a telephone system, so that you do not need to make the investment. Other advantages of doing business at a business centre is that you can use the modern office equipment such as black & white and colour photocopiers, network printers and fax machines.

At Telsec Business Centres, they give you even more reasons for doing business at a business centre. Telsec offers free Toronto meeting rooms to its clients, access to fast internet service (including private T1 connections). Additional services available to clients who choose office for rent Toronto at Telsec Business Centres include:

  • Conference Facilities -Training Facilities.
  • Courier Services – Provided at competitive rates.
  • Office Supplies – Delivered to your office.

When doing business at a business centre like Telsec, they can also help you arrange a host of office services Toronto such as secretarial and business services on demand. Some of those business services Telsec Business Centres can help clients arrange on premise are:

  • Accounting Services – Setting up and maintaining accountancy packages and taxation, petty cash records
  • Administrative Support – Expert secretarial for filing, speed typing, presentations, desktop publishing and database compilation.
  • Bookkeeping
  • Catering – When organizing an meeting over breakfast or lunch, a variety of menus are available for selection.
  • Graphic Design
  • Photography
  • Web Design

With so many advantages and optional business services compared to any other office for rent Toronto, why are you not doing business at a business centre like Telsec?