One of the great things about having Toronto office space within an office business centre is that you can move and change offices without having to change your address or even inform your customers that you have moved within the same facility. Because of the often transient nature of business-center tenants, some are moving into one office as others are moving out of other offices. For this reason, most office space for rent Toronto tenants simply list their suite number as the main suite address for Telsec (Suite 1801, 1 Yonge Street).

When an office space for rent Toronto tenant needs to move into a larger or smaller office, arrangements can often be made fairly quickly (depending on suite availability) and the move itself can often be done within a few hours. Why so fast of a move? With having fully furnished office suites, tenants only need to worry about moving computers and personal items to their new office. Tenants also have to take their telephone handset with them, as their extension is programmed to the handset and not the telephone jack. Having their telephone extension programmed to the phone handset is also how tenants can take their phone to any of the meeting rooms and boardrooms within the business centre.

Let’s get back to why it is important that office space clients don’t forget to tell staff you’re moving office space Toronto. Just because you do not need to let your customers know you are moving, does not mean that you should forget about staffers who may have been away while you were moving. Recently one of our office-space tenants who was renting a small team space hired a few new employees and needed more office space. He informed one of our office space coordinators of his needs and asked her when she might have a larger space available. She informed him that there was a larger team space that was recently renovated and was available at any time. Before the ink could dry on the new office rental agreement, the clients staff had already packed up all of their computers and files and were ready to move to the other side of the building. With the help of the office-space coordinator and a few other staff, the new team space was configured with the correctly-sized desks in the right places to accommodate the client’s needs.

The entire office space inquiry about the physical office move started near the end of the business day on Thursday and was completed by Friday afternoon. What the office client had forgotten was that one of its new staffers was scheduled to arrive at the old office on Monday, so he was unaware of the move into the new team-space office. When the new employee showed up bright and early on Monday morning, they looked through the glass window of the old office that faced the hallway, only to notice that the office was empty (even some of the of the office chairs were missing). Feeling distraught, he went to ask the receptionist if they had moved out. It was not until the office coordinator was called that the bewildered tenant was told that the company had simply moved down the hall.