When you are looking for a new car you will often research several options and test drive at least two of those options. When you are looking at a new home you will research a number of properties and ask to view several of those properties. But for some reason many small business owners will rely on the internet or a broker to find their best office space Toronto options – and only plan to visit one or two that, according to their websites, look the best when it comes to online appearance and affordability. The fact is that narrowing your search to only one or two office space visits could make you miss out on that Toronto office space that is perfect for your company or organization.

Case #1

A potential office space Toronto for rent client contacted a commercial real estate broker to help find an office for three people that was located downtown Toronto. The agent gave them a list of ten office space for lease Toronto locations that would accommodate three people, but only five of the locations were actually downtown. Of the five offices for rent downtown Toronto, only teo appealed to the client. The client eventually visited both and neither suited his needs because the office spaces would need a great deal of infrastructure set up that the client was not ready to undertake. The company ended up spending a great deal of money on one of the two office spaces, so he could open the office quickly.

Case #2

Another company was looking for a Toronto serviced office for a one-person business. The business owner found several options with a simple Google search. He looked at the top advertised listings and contacted them for a visit. He visited the top two advertised companies only to find that they did not fulfill his needs and could not work within his available budget. So he searched online again and decided to investigate the non-sponsored office space for rent companies.

He contacted the first company and made arrangements to visit its office space Toronto. Then like a scene out of “Miracle on 34th Street” the Telsec office space coordinator told him to visit a few other office space Toronto locations and make his own decision as to what was best for his business. A few days later, after visiting many other downtown Toronto office spaces, he became an office for rent Toronto client at Telsec.