Is your business looking at downsizing your Toronto office space? Telsec can help you to do it right. Sometimes business entrepreneurs realize that they may have too much office space and too much administrative  duties being performed at a central office space, but they do not know their options.

Recently a new prospect that currently has a an office space for lease Toronto in the same building, but on a different floor, visited Telsec. They wanted to find out what they could gain by downsizing their office and moving to a Toronto serviced office space. They had 16 staff members, many of whom were able to work remotely from home. They were considering a smaller office space that would only have 2 or 3 staffers manage the office and have the remaining staff work from home and only occasionally come into their office. The main reason they looked at Telsec was because they wanted to keep their business address at 1 Yonge Street. Once they visited the office, they realized the potential to grow or further downsize to only having a virtual office, and they were ecstatic.

Sometimes it takes a visit to an office business centre to learn about the options that are available to businesses. Options such as executive office suites, Toronto private offices, semi-private office space and Toronto shared offices. Visitors also learn that they have several virtual office Toronto options, such as a Toronto mail service that gives them a prestigious business office address. Or they discover a telephone mail service that gives them that same prestigious business address, but also gives them a live, professional receptionist who answers their calls and handles them to their specific instructions.

The great part about choosing an office business centre as a place to keep your business downtown when you need to downsize while re-organizing, is that when you start to re-grow and need more office space or team space, you don’t need to move. Telsec has plenty of options for organizations of various sizes and configurations. They can help you expand without needing to change your address or telephone number.