After writing a recent blog on office space Technology, this writer received a few emails from both virtual office and office space Toronto clients at Telsec. It seems that they liked the fact that I was bringing them technology solutions that were aimed at small businesses who had either a Toronto office space or a virtual office Toronto at a professional office business centre.

One of the trends these days for entrepreneurs and business people who are on the go, is to want access to their data and files in the clouds. So we took a look at a few of the virtual drives and cloud storage services that offer file-syncing with an Android device.

Both Microsoft and Google offer free cloud storage and file-syncing Android apps. Virtual office Toronto clients just need to figure out which one is best for them. Microsoft’s SkyDrive lets them store files in the cloud on Microsoft’s servers, so they can access those files from anywhere on any of their devices. When you set up a Microsoft account, you get 7GB of free storage, while Google Drive starts you off with 5GB for free.

With the Microsoft app, the app’s interface comes with the Windows 8 stylings that many office space Toronto users have installed on their computers. This familiar interface makes it decidedly attractive and has users moving around it in no time. The app allows users to create folders and upload files of any type right from their smart phone or any other android device. It even allows them to delete items without having to step foot into their Toronto office space.

Then there is Google Drive, one of the first free cloud drives available on your PC and/or android smart phone. While the Google Drive comes with a bit less free storage of 5GB (compared to the 7GB that Micorsoft SkyDrive offers), the Google Drive makes it just as easy to save and upload files or any type of files, and even easier to share those files as attachments or via download links. The bonus part of this app is that it lets you create folders, rename files, and even move items between folders.

Google Drive’s biggest advantage (for those who have Toronto virtual offices) over Microsoft’s SkyDrive is that it allows the user the ability to edit documents from within its interface. Allowing those who do not have a physical office space Toronto to edit files (even Microsoft Word and Excel files) using Google Docs is a huge advantage.