The new buzzword in office rentals is “Flexible.” But flexible office space solutions are not new at Telsec. Since 1980 we have been offering flexible office space to entrepreneurs, small businesses and even large businesses that needed a serviced office without all the problems of a traditional raw office space. In this blog entry we will discuss the various ways that Telsec is flexible, including: size and types of offices; length of rental agreement; included services and a-la-cart services; and telephone and mail options.

Having over 100 different offices in various sizes and configurations allows tenants the flexible options they want in terms of the type of office that best suits their needs. For businesses who want a prestigious executive office with a city view or a view of the Toronto harbour and Lake Ontario, they can find suites as low as $799 per month and larger corner offices for a little higher price. Companies without the need for a window and a view will often choose an inside private office that gives them the space they need while saving money. There are even larger inside private offices that can accommodate a small three or four-office team.

When larger team office space is required, there are some offices that can accommodate 30 workstations. Just ask Sirius Satellite Radio, who rented team space from Telsec while it built its own space. Other businesses that do not require a full-time private office, but need storage for their files and computers, will often take a semi-private office that is shared with only one other person. It is our experience that tenants who rent semi-private offices do not often work in the office at the same time as the person they share the office with. So most of the time, it is essentially a private office. The most flexible office accommodation is the shared office space. Shared office space is a hot-desk solution for small businesses and entrepreneurs who primarily work on the road and only occasionally need to have a workstation in a prime location.

When it comes to the flexibility in terms of length of stay, there are clients who have rented our office space for over 25 years and some who only needed temporary office space for a few months. Some of our long-term office tenants have used our flexible terms to upgrade to another larger space or downgrade to a smaller office without a leasing term penalty. The other advantage to being able to move offices within our facility is that there is absolutely no need to change addresses or telephone numbers.

Regardless of the type of office or the length of the rental agreement, all of our office tenants also have flexible mail and telephone services. While most office tenants choose to have their mail delivered directly to their office, some (who are not in the office every day) will choose to have their mail forwarded to their home or head office. Yes, many of our office tenants work for larger companies whose head offices are located elsewhere in Canada, the USA or around the world. When it comes to telephone numbers and services, office tenants can either have their existing telephone number ported to our trunk lines, or acquire a new telephone number from us. Our most recent flexible telephone solution for clients is our VoIP telephone service that allows them to take their telephone with them anywhere in the world and still appear to be in their office at 1 Yonge Street.

How much more flexibility can we offer? We are also flexible in the way that our valued office tenants can pay their rent! We accept cheques, Visa, Mastercard and even debit-card payments.