Weather forecasters are painting a very bleak and potentially serious picture with the weather system poised to hit Toronto and the GTA on Tuesday or Wednesday. Environment Canada is saying to expect high winds, heavy rain and even some potential snow. According to the people who study weather patterns, this “Frankenstorm” could be one of the worst storms in a century. But this Frankenstorm will not close Telsec’s office Space Toronto.

The high probability of high winds and heavy rain could lead to downed trees, power outages and flooding. The Toronto area can expect winds of 60 km/h with gusts of between 80 and 100 km/h. In the event of flooding and people been forced from their homes, the Red Cross already has 200 volunteers on standby in Toronto and another 2,000 volunteers ready across the province. So why will the Frankenstorm not close Telsec’s office Space Toronto? Because our Toronto office space never closes.

Impact on business in the New York area will be particularly severe as a decision has been made that the U.S. stock and options markets are planning to close and trading will be halted until Wednesday or Thursday. Even the New York transit system is planning to go offline while the city weathers the storm. There are no plans in Toronto to close the markets or take the city’s transit system offline, so those who take the TTC to their downtown Toronto office space will be able to get to their offices.

Meanwhile, many Toronto office space clients may choose to stay home and work remotely. Many others will most likely visit their offices to get files and other time-sensitive materials to work on from home. And for those who make the trip to their office space Toronto at Telsec and work through the storm, Café on 4 (the café located on the 4th floor of the Toronto Star Building) will be open for business to serve breakfast and lunch.

Telsec’s Toronto office space will most likely be less busy than normal because of the media attention this storm is getting. But again, this Frankenstorm will not close Telsec’s office space Toronto. We will be posting any changes to regular hours and the office services performed by Telsec staff on our @TelsecDotNet twitter account and our facebook page