It seems that a number of people these days feel stuck in their office space Toronto. I am not talking about being stuck in a long-term lease, but stuck waiting in their office for that call, e-mail or contract to come in.

Fact is that most people do not like to be stuck behind the same desk for 40 hours a week every week. This is especially true of those who work for themselves in a one-person office. This does not need to be the case. Better workspaces and technology can help you get “unstuck” from your Toronto office space.

Having an office space Toronto that has opportunities and spaces to socialize and interact with other people can be a great way to get unstuck from your desk. Some office space Toronto business centres have groups of tenants who organize mid-day networking events or pot-luck lunches as a way to interact with other tenants. Even if your office space Toronto does not have a group like that, you can always organize one. Most business centre managers are always willing to help Toronto office space tenants connect with others. A great way to connect with others in the same office environment is to have the office manager put a note in the e-mail newsletter that goes out to all the tenants of their office space.

Technology can also help you to get unstuck from your Toronto office space. More and more people are getting their e-mail on their smartphones than they did before – so you can get that e-mail sitting in a café or coffee shop while working away from your office. Most people wonder “do business owners ever really take vacations from their Toronto office space?” If you are planning to work away from the office for a day, who is going to answer your phone? Not everyone wants to make their cellphone number public and not every new customer may know to call your cellphone when you do not answer your office phone. When your office space Toronto is in an office business centre like Telsec, your calls are always answered by a receptionist who handles your calls as you instruct them. This can also help you to get unstuck from your office space Toronto by having your calls answered and sent to your voice mail. This gives your caller the knowledge that someone is working and you just cannot take the call right away. You could also instruct the receptionist to forward your calls to your cellphone or home-office phone, without your customer knowing that you are not in the office. The other advantage of having a receptionist at your office is that there is also someone there to receive and sign for important deliveries or courier packages.

If you want to have the feeling of being unstuck from your office space Toronto, then you should consider getting an office at an office business centre like Telsec. The other great advantage of having an office for rent Toronto at Telsec is that you are not going to get stuck in a long-term lease or commitment.