There is an economics term called ”the glass ceiling” which is “the unseen barrier that keeps women and minorities from rising to the upper rungs of the corporate ladder, regardless of their qualifications or achievements. This barrier is often sited as a reason for women, especially women who have spent a great many years climbing the ladder as a reason for starting their own business and finding their own office spaces or virtual office solution.

According to, a study called “Paths to Entrepreneurship” was done by the National Foundation for Women Business Owners the Glass Ceiling was partly a motivator for self employment and was the most common reason women gave for hitting the exits. It is clear that when 44% of the 650 women business owners surveyed said they decided to start their own firms primarily because they had a winning idea or they had realized they could do for themselves what they were already doing for an employer, it is very clear that the glass ceiling is a catalyst for women entrepreneurs.

The fact is that growth of women-owned enterprises are growing  faster than the current economy and becoming a major force in the marketplace. With women-owed firms outpacing overall business growth by nearly 2 to 1, big business needs to start catering and servicing those potential clients. The best way for companies who conduct business to business activities to do that, is by also having more women in the top jobs.

Telsec is one of Toronto’s premier and longest established office business centres that was established in 1980. With the exception owner, all of Telsec’s senior staff and full time employees are female. Why, this is partially because a large number of its office space Toronto and its Toronto virtual office clients are women-owned businesses, but also because owner Brian Miles recognizes that the women who has given those senior positions too have far excelled their male counterparts at other business centres. Josie Graziosi, the Vice President of Telsec not only takes does a hands on job of dealing with clients, she also takes continuing educational business programs so that she can be better prepared to help and assist both office space and virtual office clients with advice and knowledge.