I am often asked what makes a great office space Toronto as opposed to just good Toronto office space. The answer is not as simple as comparing a Cadillac to a Mustang; it is not about comparing price or horsepower; it’s about comparing what works best for you and your organization. You should map out the features and benefits that you are looking for, so you are making choices based on your needs and not what is being offered by an office space Toronto Realtor.

You first have to write down what your Toronto office space needs are. Do you need office space for 2 people or do you need office space for 50 people or more? Do you need an office space with existing telephone and internet infrastructure or do you need empty office space with a clean slate? Are you in need of furnished office space or will you be purchasing office furniture? Don’t forget about your modern office equipment needs. Will you need to lease or purchase colour photocopiers, or would you rather pay only for what you use? Do you need just any office space or a great office space Toronto address?

Some companies feel that paying more to have the 50th-whatever floor of the Scotia Plaza with a view looking into other office towers means they have great office space Toronto, where other organizations would rather be on the 18th floor of the Toronto Star Building with a view of the Toronto harbour and Lake Ontario.

Those looking to build an independent entrepreneurial company without the high start-up cost of leasing empty Toronto office space will consider Toronto serviced offices with all the amenities to be their great office space Toronto opportunity. They also want Toronto office space that offers fast internet access and telephone service that can be set within minutes and not days.

Other larger companies who are looking at expanding or opening a branch office in Toronto will also look for executive suites Toronto at business centres like Telsec that offer great office space Toronto where they can control the cost of extra office services. Why should these companies lease a photocopier and pay service contracts to maintain a machine, when they can have low-cost photocopies without the hassle of a lease.

For some, there is good Toronto office space that almost fits their needs, but for others there is great office space Toronto that exceeds what they are looking for in terms of a prestigious address, excellent service and meeting their business needs.