I got an interesting email today from a friend who moved their downtown Toronto office space to Telsec a few months ago.  He made a business trip to New York City this week and was able to use a meeting room in New York as part of his office space Toronto arrangement. Having the access to this meeting room impressed his clients so much they signed a deal with him and now they want office space at the location. (hope I get a commission on that deal … LOL)

This story is not unique, many business people with office space downtown Toronto at Telsec  utilize the available meeting rooms at one of the 650 office space locations in over 40 countries. When Toronto office space clients are planning a trip to another city, they can talk to the staff at Telsec who will help them book a meeting room or day office at one of the Alliance Business Centers in the city they are traveling to.

While I write this, I also recall talking to someone who lives in Chicago, but has a virtual office in Toronto at Telsec. She has a number of customers in Toronto and wanted to have a presence in Toronto without having to be here full time. When her customers call her Toronto 416 telephone number, they are greeted by the professional receptionist in Toronto, who then forwards her calls to her Chicago 312 telephone.