Having shared office space Toronto can be good in many ways, but let us first tell you what Toronto shared offices are. There are many businesses and entrepreneurs who need office space Toronto, but they do not need a full-time downtown Toronto office space. What they need is a desk to work from (to do paperwork or administrative tasks) and a place to receive business mail and meet customers. When a client signs up for a Toronto shared office, he or she is signing up for  a turnkey office solution in an office space that is also shared by other companies or professionals at a fraction of the cost of a traditional office space.

The first way that a shared office space Toronto solution can be a great option is the low price. A company can have access to a shared office space for only $225 per month plus its telephone and Internet expenses. As well, you only pay for the printing and photocopying you do. Unlike other hot desks, telecentres or co-working situations, with a shared office Toronto you are not restricted to the number of hours you can be in your shared office space or the number of times you can use the boardrooms and meeting rooms.

The next way that a shared office space Toronto solution can be good is the prestigious business address you can get for a fraction of the cost of a traditional Toronto office space for rent – especially one downtown. Your potential customers will perceive that you are successful enough to have an address in an upscale downtown office building. Or they will assume how responsible and cost-conscious you are for having your office space downtown in a shared facility so that you do not need to pass along your administrative costs to your customers.

The best reason why a shared office space Toronto solution can be good for your business, is that you have 24-hour, seven-day-a-week access to your office space Toronto. You can upgrade to a $350-per-month semi-private office. With Toronto semi-private offices you only share with one other person and you don’t have to change your business address or your telephone number to make the move. When your business grows and you need more space or even team space, the move is as easy as moving your files down the hall.

The final reason why a shared office space Toronto might be great for you, is if you are offered perks like complimentary coffee, tea, filtered water and a free weekday newspaper.