For years business owners and managers have know that having healthy and happy employees is important to their business. But they did not know how to encourage a healthy work life. While many businesses offer to help subsidize gym memberships and other physical activities outside of business hours, most do not have the tools or ideas about how to encourage healthy practices during working hours within their office space Toronto.

Researchers have found that too many people are not getting out of their office even for a breath of fresh air. They are eating their breakfast and lunch at their desks as well. Sitting down to eat in the workplace is becoming more of a regular occasion for an increasing number of workers. What is also concerning is that the diets of many office space workers appear to be based around foods that are high in saturated fat, sugar and salt – all of which are linked to poor long-term health – simply because these are the foods that are easy to eat at one’s desk.

People who have office space for rent Toronto also need to take a few minutes each day and get outside of their offices or at least stand up and walk around. That is why it is great being in a building that has a café on the fourth floor (rather than in a underground food court). These tenants feel a little better about stepping out of their offices for a snack because they are able to see the sun and enjoy a new view.

Not many people know that people like Donald Rumsfeld, Winston Churchill, Ernest Hemingway and Thomas Jefferson are among the famous advocates of standing desks. Why? Because they felt healthier by standing at their desks rather than just sitting. Yes, most people do not have standing desks, but they can still benefit from standing during certain times when they do not need to be seated in front of a computer. Some companies who have Toronto office space are finding that employees are more creative in meetings where there are no chairs or the chairs are not used. Even if someone does not have the option to stand while working, getting up and walking around the office while talking on the phone or doing other tasks can make for a healthier day.

Then there are companies like Bursting Silver who are taking employees health and the environment more seriously. Bursting Silver has started offering employees who take their bicycles to business meetings double the mileage allowance than if they took their car. So an employee who takes his or her car to a meeting with a client is paid the standard 50 cents per km and the employee who takes his or her bicycle is compensated $1 per km. Some will call this “biking for bucks”’ others will say that it is good for the environment and even better for the health of employees. While this idea is not always great for every business environment, one company who has an office for rent Toronto offers its employees the option of subsidized transit passes for those who take public transit part way to the office and walk the rest of the way.

Healthier employees are not just happier, they are more productive and thus a more profitable asset to any business.