Here are some surprising facts from Human Resources and Skills Development Canada. Canadians are actually spending less time working! In 2010, employed Canadians were working fewer hours on average each week compared to three decades earlier. Canadians worked 36.2 hours per week on average which was down from 38 in 1976. This seems incredible because many groups, especially self-employed people renting Toronto office space, are constantly busy and under tremendous stress just to keep their heads above water in this flat economy.

This includes those who have a Toronto home office set-up – or who work out of a Toronto commercial office space, Toronto executive office space building, small Toronto office space business centre or who use Toronto shared office space for a landing office (ideal for salespeople). More importantly, Human Resources and Skills Development Canada tells us that, not surprisingly, the amount of time spent at work affects the time available for other activities, such as rest, caring for family members, learning, leisure and so on.

Perhaps part of the reason is that, while we may indeed be working fewer hours, those hours are much more labour-intensive and must be much more productive in order to survive. Given this situation, when you’re considering your ideal Toronto office space options, you should ask yourself the following questions: Does your Toronto office space for rent location offer all the basics of a full-service business centre? Does it look after all the small details so you can spend your shrinking time at work actually running your business in a more productive mannner?

Time is money – and if Canadians are working fewer hours overall, this time must be spent to maximize profits. So, regardless of whether you have your eye on a Toronto executive office space for rent, a basic small office space for rent in Toronto, or even a Toronto shared office space for rent, consider if it has:

• Professional telephone answering

• 24/7 access to a secure building

• Easy, inexpensive parking and/or proximity to public transit

• High-speed internet, wi-fi, tele-conferencing, web hosting, etc.

• Boardrooms and meeting rooms – plus on-site training facilities

• Elegant reception area and finely appointed offices

• Fax, printing, shipping, secretarial, ad agency, courier and other essential services

Now if you are one of those Canadians who are working more average hours in your Toronto office space location, then consider being in a business centre environment that looks after every meticulous detail for you – so you can be more efficient, create more profit and even free-up some leisure time? Think about it!