Many small business owners attended seminars and training room sessions when they were first starting out, just to get some knowledge and a feel for what it was like to be their own boss. Even as their business continues to grow, smart business owners seek out training and business seminars for growth – especially free events. Attending these seminars builds trust between them and the trainer/seminar holder, so much so that they may consider doing business with them.

Regardless of what type of product or service your business provides, you too can offer seminars and training sessions that can increase awareness of your potential customers. Doing your first seminar or training session will not be easy, unless you have experience with public speaking and are passionate about what you do. The more you do your seminar or training session, the more you become comfortable with presenting. The more comfortable and confident you become, the more that your audience will believe you and trust in what you are teaching.

Holding a training session or a free seminar does not mean having to promote just your own product or service. You can invite guest speakers and allow you audience to learn from them. This will not only gain you an audience, it could help your guest speakers attract potential clients too. All you need to do is to reach out and ask. Many people that you would not normally suspect, might be willing to do a seminar or training session because it gives them exposure too.

A training session or seminar not only brings attention to your facility, but it also gives your business some attention that you might not get without it. If you rent office space at an office business centre, chances are you can rent a conference room for a much lower price than someone who is not an office tenant. Some business centres will even give a reduced rate on a training seminar room to its virtual office clients.

Basically, the more people that you get to your seminars and training room sessions, the more potential you have of building your client list – or at least reminding potential clients that your ultimate intention is to help them.