I recently learned the rules of a billiards game called “9 Ball.” In the game of 9 Ball they have a rule that allows one player to take the “Ball in Hand” when their competitor makes a mistake and does not get the shot they were aiming for. This got me to thinking how Toronto virtual office clients have the “Ball in Hand” in terms of competing with their rival businesses.

When a small business owner signs up for a virtual office solution like an office space rental Toronto with an office business centre, they have the advantage of a prestigious business address in a professional office business centre at a fraction of the cost of a traditional office space – or even an office space Toronto at a business centre. One could say that they have the ball in hand over their competition.

The person who explained the rules of 9 Ball was previously a virtual office Toronto client of Telsec who recently became an office for rent Toronto client when he decided to rent physical office space this Fall. I ran into him in a pub that is only minutes away from the Toronto Star Building and he was playing a game of 9 Ball with some friends of his. I was not that knowledgeable of the game of 9 Ball and he was happy to explain the rules.

His teaching me of the game’s rules did not help me to play the game better, but did help me to come up with an understanding of the game and the misuse of the “ball in hand” rule when it came to traditional pool or snooker.

By now you are asking how I see this “ball in hand” rule and how it applies to virtual office Toronto clients. The other analogy I was able to make with this rule is that they can upgrade to an office space Toronto in good times and go back to being a virtual office client when business is slow – without losing their prestigious business address.